Topical Sermons

Community Prayer Sunday

September 15, 2019 • Various Speakers

In this message, we are doing our annual Community Prayer Sunday, where we hear from leaders in different sectors of our community. Our goal is to understand how we can pray specifically for different parts of our community. We'll have several guests sharing in this message about the needs for prayer they have in their area of leadership and influence. Our goal is to be an effective church on mission in Eugene, Springfield and beyond. Jesus said that apart from him, we can do nothing, so we believe it all starts with prayer. Join us in this message to learn how you can be praying for different areas of our community.

Ancient Paths

Jeremiah 6:16 • September 1, 2019 • Elder Bill Wilson

In this message, we're looking at a passage where God challenges his people to go back to where they first began their relationship with Him. We'll look at the life of Abraham to see how to respond to God's call, to re-center our lives on him as we begin this new school year. We'll also look at how to respond to God's call by personally spending time with God, through His Word. Time with God in his Word is the fuel Christians need to grow, but for many the spiritual fuel gauge is on empty. There are all sorts of reasons why people don’t read the Bible. The Bible can be intimidating, confusing, and overwhelming. Or maybe the intention and desire are there, but time keeps slipping away. In this message, we'll learn about re-centering our lives on God's call and look at how to study God’s Word for yourself to be empowered to grow in your walk with God.

Vision Sunday

Part 2 • August 18, 2019 • Pastor Ben Cross

This message is the second and final part of Vision Sunday. Pastor Ben shares about this upcoming year as well as what might be on the horizon in the more distant future. We believe our best days as a church are ahead of us! Jesus said that he would build his church, and power of death could not stop it. We absolutely believe what Jesus said, and we continue to seek, pray, and plan to make the biggest possible impact for God's glory.

Vision Sunday

Part 1 • August 11, 2019 • Pastor Ben Cross

It is crucial for us to diligently seek God and ask his direction for our church, so we don’t become comfortable and miss what he is doing. We want to be a church that closely follows God’s lead and is always pursuing the next wave of uncharted ministry on the horizon. We believe that God has great plans for his people, that he is building his church, and that all of us have a part to make a difference for his kingdom. In this message, Pastor Ben shares some exciting and encouraging news about the state of our church as well as some of what we are planning for this coming year. In Part Two, we will look forward in greater detail, to the near and distant future of what God has for us as we think strategically about how to reach as many people as possible for Jesus.

The Call of Motherhood

Mother's Day 2019 • May 12, 2019 • Pastor Sandy Park

This Sunday we’ll have a special message for Mother’s Day honoring women in our church family. We’ll recognize the incredible impact of mothers as well as the spiritual impact and legacy of women who mentor and disciple others to affect people’s lives beyond even their own family. Together we'll learn how key attributes of Jesus' character, faithfulness and whole-hearted surrender to God, are lived out powerfully in the example of women.

Scary Good

Easter 2019 • April 21, 2019 • Pastor Ben Cross


December 23, 2018 • Pastor Ben Cross

This Sunday, we learned about joy as Christians, and not just the mercy God gives us, but the grace of salvation.

Shema to Shalom

2 Timothy • September 30, 2018 • Pastor Joe Tepe

Now that we've completed our Foundations series, this Sunday we looked at how these essential truths transform the way we live. Sometimes we can read the Bible and simply move on with our day, or come to church and hear a sermon, and then leave unchanged. This Sunday, we unpacked how we can put into practice the things we've learned about the foundations of Christian faith. We want to be people who are transformed by God's word as we become more and more like his Jesus.

Your Prayers Matter - Community Leader Updates

September 23, 2018 • Pastor Ben Cross

Your prayers matter. The book of James says that the prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective. Prayer is one of the primary weapons a Christian has to see heaven break through. God invites us to approach him and ask to move his hand. That’s why this Sunday we invited leaders from our cities to share how we can be praying in very specific ways for our community. You’ll get to hear from the mayors of Springfield and Eugene, the new Eugene Chief of Police, and other community leaders who will share insight for us to be praying about. As we kick off Fall here at First B, we want to start the season in prayer and with a continued outward focus towards our cities. This was a bit of a different type of Sunday, as we heard from these local leaders and we dedicate a bulk of our normal teaching time to give our attention to learn how we can pray this year.

Scatter to Gather: Part 2, We Gather

Acts 2 • July 22, 2018 • Pastor Paul Herriott

This Sunday, we looked at the purpose of gathering as the church. We looked at the example of the early church as we unpack the priorities and values of our own gatherings.

Scatter to Gather: Part 1, We Scatter

July 15, 2018 • Pastor Sandy Park

Did you know that Jesus had a life verse? Early in his ministry, he stood up in the local synagogue in his hometown of Nazareth and read a passage from the Bible that captured his passion and purpose in life. If you’ve been around First B for a while, you know that this verse that defined Jesus’ life is a key to our model for discipleship. In this sermon, we look at this passage of Scripture and see how the driving passion of Jesus’ life gives us purpose today.

When You Struggle With Little Faith

Mark 8:1-21 • July 8, 2018 • Corey Rose

You can imagine that some of the most embarrassing moments for the twelve disciples happened when Jesus called them out for their lack of faith. Like the time Jesus said to Philip, "Have I been with you so long, and you still do not know me, Philip?” How do we face God when our faith is too small and our doubts are so many and so big? How do we deal with the frustration, disappointment, and even anger we can experience when God calls out our lack of faith in Him? What should we expect of God when we struggle to trust Him? And just as importantly, what does He expect of us? You might be surprised what the Bible has to say and how God can use our struggle to show us more of who He truly is.

116th Birthday Celebration

July 1, 2018 • Pastor Ben Cross

Listen as Pastor Ben shares about the direction in which our church is headed, as well as clarify the elders statement from last Sunday.


Hebrews 11:1 • June 24, 2018 • Josh Bidwell

How do you stay full of hope? With all the frustration life can bring and all the challenges in our world, how do you stay hopeful? Hope is a huge benefit of living for God. But even as Christians, it can be easy to miss. We can even be hope-filled for a time and then it fades like the slow leak of a sinking balloon. In this message, we'll look at what causes hope to fade. It's so common to lose hope from insecurities, tragic events, or even despair. You might be experiencing that right now or know someone who is. We'll unpack this from the Bible's perspective and look at how we can live with a consistent hope. You'll want to listen, as we look at what God has to say and we reignite a sense of hope in the way we live.

Father's Day 2018

June 17, 2018 • Pastor Ben Cross

The power of a father is incredible. Whether your father was a great and positive force in your life or not, the influence of a father is undeniable. This Sunday, we looked at biblical fatherhood and saw how a father can have an unforgettable influence on his family. You'll learn how a father can lead in a way that leaves a legacy in a family for generations to come. You'll also learn how a man can make a difference in the lives of people who aren't his own children. You’ll hear the inspiring story of one man's story and how his mentor shaped the course of his life. For men without children, you'll see a snapshot of the difference you can make in someone's life. And for fathers, you'll get a glimpse of the incredible impact you can have to shape your family's story.