Romans 3:9-20

November 28, 2021 • Pastor John Wilson

INTRO. MASQUERADE = PARTY WITH MASKS & COSTUMES A. Purpose: Conceal, Protect, Deceive 1. False Persona > Religious People Fool Selves B. Began With Adam & Eve (Continues Today) C. Ro.3:9-20 Party Is Over, Masks Coming Off I. vs 9 GOD BRINGS CHARGE AGAINST HUMANITY X NOAH A. Sinners By Nature & Confirm By Actions/Attitudes B. Charge: None Righteous, No One Good Enough Mt.5:48 II. vs 10-18 PAUL RIPS OFF MASK, PRESENTS EVIDENCE A. vs 10 None Are Righteous (Prosecutes The Charge) 1. Many Religions/Beliefs But They Are Not Sufficient B. vs 11 None Live Up To Knowledge Jew Or Gentile 1. Do Not Keep Law, Do Not Obey Conscience 2. None Seek Living God Ac.13:22, Jer.29:13 C. vs 12 Turned Aside, Follow Their Own Desires/Dreams 1.” Become Unprofitable” Relates To Rotten Fruit 2. Triple Negative, Strong Emphasis Great Prosecutor D. vs 13-14 Depraved Speech, Disgusting Ja.1:26; 3:10 1. Mouth Open Grave X Smell Of Rotting Flesh 2. Poison Of Asps = Slander & Lies X Personal/Political 3. Cursing & Bitterness Heb.12:15 Poisonous Plants E. vs 15-18 Feet Run To Evil Is.59:7-8 1. Destruction & Misery X World Today 2. No Peace = Absence Of Harmony, Wholeness, Trust 3. No Fear Of God, No Moral Restraint Job.28:28 III. vs 19-20 WHAT THE LAW CAN AND CANNOT DO GAL.3:21-25

Romans 3:1-8

November 21, 2021 • Pastor John Wilson

INTRO. ESTABLISHED JEWS AS GUILTY AS GENTILES A. Unfaithfulness Of Men V. Faithfulness Of God B. God’s Justice On Trial By Men (Not Good Idea) I. vs 1-2 WHAT ADVANTAGE THEN FOR THE JEWS? A. Ps.147:19-20 Word, Promises, Patterns, Rituals B. Gen.12:1-3 X Promise To Abraham > Messiah To World C. Religious Israel Failed To Recognize Jesus D. Nevertheless Jesus Came As Fulfillment II. vs 3-4 UNFAITHFULNESS NULLIFY THE FAITHFULNESS OF GOD? A. Obvious = Jewish Failure Did Not Cancel God’s Will 1. Promises To Israel Were Kept & Will Be Kept 2. God Is Not Finished With Israel X 1948 Return B. God’s Will Overrules Unfaithful Man; In Spite Of Man 1. Is.55:11, Mt.24:35 C. PTL! His Promises To Me To You Do Not Depend On Us X Visions: 1preach My Word & 2you Will See The Harvest III. vs 5-6 IS GOD UNJUST TO PUNISH SINNERS? A. Prime Example Of Human Reasoning (Finite Minds) 1. If My Sin Ultimately Brings Glory To God 2. Why Should I Be Punished? X Stolen $$ To Build Ch. B. By This Reasoning All Could Claim Exemptions C. Such Belief Is Error Is.55:8-9 1. God Forbid!! IV. vs 7-8 WHY NOT DO EVIL TO ACCOMPLISH GOOD? A. We Should Never Think This Way. B. Evil Will Bear Fruit & Quickly X Promiscuity Many Consequences C. We Are Not Immune To Consequences CLOSE: EPH.5:15 CAREFULLY AS IN DANGEROUS TERRAIN A. Gal.5:16 Walk In The Spirit

Romans 2:25-29

November 14, 2021 • Pastor John Wilson

INTRO. PAUL’S CLOSING ARGUMENT RE: JEWS/LEGALISM A. All Persons Are Guilty Of Sin B. All Are In Need Of Grace > Jew Or Gentile I. vs 25 PROFESSION NOT NECESSARILY POSSESSION A. Jews Believed Law Gave Them Inside Track B. Paul Anticipates Their Arguments: 1. Heritage, Law, Traditions, Ritual Ro.2:21-22 C. Reliance On Any Of These Is Futile 1. Law Only As Good As Your Obedience 2. Law Not Sufficient Ja.2:10 Tablets Of Stone II. vs 26-27 WHAT ABOUT CIRCUMCISION/UNCIRCUMCISION? A. Some Debate Who Paul Is Speaking Of 1. Unsaved, Uncircumcised, But Obedient 2. Saved, Uncircumcised And Obedient B. We Know Uncircumcised Obedient Judge… 1. Those With Code And Rituals > Shock To Jews C. Bottom Line: Circumcision Is Of No Value III. vs 28-29 CRUX OF MATTER - WHO IS REAL JEW? A. Question Of Outward Show V. Inward Reality B. Abraham Gentile Before Becoming A Jew ‘Yada’ 1. Gen.12:1-3,7, Gen.15:6, Gen.17:24 C. True Jew Is One Inwardly vs 29 Circumcision Of Heart IV. vs 29 HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN? A. Deut.30:6, Phil.3:2-3, Col.2:11, Ezk.36:26 Work Of God B. True Circumcision Is An Inward Reality By Spirit C. God Changes The Heart: Gal.6:15, II Cor.5:17 CLOSE: EVERYTHING BEGINS TO CHANGE II COR.3:18

Romans 2:17-24

November 7, 2021 • Pastor John Wilson

INTRO. JEWS & RELIGIOUS GUILTY BEFORE GOD A. Message For Christians B. Beware Of Man-Made Standards C. Now Look At Where Religion Takes Us I. vs 17-18 BOASTING IS A PRODUCT OF RELIGION A. Amounts To A Display Of Your Religion 1. Pride, Arrogance, Haughty X Lk.18:9-14 B. You Know, Approve = Ref. To Law Which Law? C. Flesh Will Always Run To Religion Jn.4:23-24 II. vs 19-20 CONFIDENT YOU ARE SUPERIOR X JEWS A. Think You Are A Guide To The Blind 1. You Are Blind Guides X Nicodemus Jn.3:5-10 B. You Believe You Shine Light In The Darkness 1. Darkness = Spiritual, Moral, Intellectual 2. Origin: Error, Ignorance, Rejection, Rebellion C. Religion Shines On Behavior Not Being X Flashlight D. Creates Rise Of Cults & Religion II Tim.3:5 E. True Guides Point To Grace / Jesus Jn.1:4-5, Jn 8:12 III. vs 21 -24 HYPOCRITES = FALSE APPEARANCE, FALSE LIVES A. Do You Teach Yourselves? Do You Obey? 1. “Do As I Say Not As I Do” Judgementalism B. Do You Steal, Commit Adultery, Rob Temples? C. You Dishonor God By Breaking Law “Superiority” 1. Not Man’s Law But God’s Mk.12:29-31 2. You Cause Others To Blaspheme / Stumble CLOSE: SEARCH YOURSELVES… A. Religion Or Relationship?

Romans 2:4-16

October 31, 2021 • Pastor John Wilson

INTRO. #1 THE UNRIGHTEOUSNESS OF MAN A. #2 The Self-Righteousness Of Man B. Not About Salvation But About Sin I. vs 4 GOODNESS OF GOD IS TO LEAD TO REPENTANCE A. Many ‘Despise’ Goodness Of God B. Live As Thougg There Is No God 1. No Accoutability For Sin Heb.4:13; 9:27 2. Rev.20:12 X Sin Like Fossil Record C. Delay Of Wrath Is Only Canopy Of Grace II. vs 5 “ACCORDANCE” = ACT IN WAY COMFORMABLE TO A. Hardness = ‘Skleros’ X Liver Disease Pv.4:23 B. “Impinitent” = Mind Is Closed, Reject Truth C. Leave God No Choice But To ‘Withdraw’ III. vs 6-10 GOD WILL GIVE ACCORDING TO DEEDS A. Not Salvation By Works Gal.2:16 B. God Responds To Life Choices, Deeds >Heart 1. Vs 7 Zoe By Faith > Endure Hardship, Pressure X Moral, Political, Religious, Any Area 2. Vs 8-9 Self-Seeking, Life Without God, Reject IV. vs 10-11 NO PARTIALITY WITH GOD IN JUDGMENT A. Justice For All, Based On Truth B. No Two-Tiered Justice X Elites, Famous C. God Judges By One Standard > Truth D. All Judged By Knowledge & Conscience E. Gentiles > ‘Work’ Of The Law Gal.3:24-26 CLOSE: I PET.4:17, HEB.2:3, HEB.8:12 HOW? A. Accept God’s Verdict, Cry For Mercy B. Mercy is Jesus Christ

Romans 2:1-4

October 24, 2021 • Pastor John Wilson

INTRO. RO.1:26-32 DEBAUCHERY OF GENTILE WORLD A. Departure From The Love And Design Of God B. Paul Now Writes For The Jewish Readers 1. Jews Were Disgusted & Indignant Re: Gentiles I. vs 1 ALL MEN ARE WITHOUT EXCUSE RO.3:10-12 A. Witness: Creation, Right & Wrong, Conscience B. Jews Had Advantage Of ‘Law’ Gal.3:24 C. All Scripture Points To Jesus II. WHO ARE YOU TO JUDGE? A. Pass Judgment, Give Sentence, ‘Write Them Off’ B. When You Judge You Condemn Yourselves, Why? C. This Can Be The Attitude Of Religious People 1. Ii Sam. 12:7 “Youn Are The Man” 2. Mt.7:1-5 Take Care Of Your Own Business 3. Gal.6:1 We Should Seek Restoration D. We May Discern But Not Judge III. vs 2 WE KNOW GOD JUDGES BY TRUTH A. ‘Truth’ = Revealed, Known, Nothing Hidden 1. Heb.4:12-13, Jer.17:9-10, Ps.139:23-24 X Covid Experience Revealed Motives Of Heart 2. His Knowledge/Decision Is Perfect > No Appeal B. What Does God Know About You? IV. vs 3 YOU THINK O MAN YOU WILL ESCAPE? A. Think You Know Better Than God? B. Vs 4 ‘Despise’ Tread Down, Trample, Scorn, Mock C. ‘Riches’ Spiritual Blessings He Offers Eph.1:3 1. ‘Goodness’ = Gracious, Kindhearted, Sympathetic 2. ‘Forbearance’ Delay Punishment 3. ‘Longsuffering’ Restraint When Provoked D. Don’t Mistake His Patience As Approval Ii Pet.3:4 CLOSE: PROMISE OF GOD HEB.10:17 ‘REMEMBER SINS NO MORE’

Romans 1:24-32

October 17, 2021 • Pastor John Wilson

INTRO. PART 2 REMAIN SENSITIVE TO OTHERS A. Truth Must Be Spoken But Only In Hope B. Not To Condemn But To Set Free Ja.2:13 C. Grace & Truth, May Bring Transformation I. WHERE ARE WE TODAY? A. II Tim.3:1-4 Does This Sound Like Today’s World? 1. Living In Tsunami Of Evil & Corruption 2. ‘In Your Face’ Immorality & Collective Deception B. What Was Once Shame Now Shouted As Civil Rights 1. Columbus Day = Coming Out, 97 Gender Identities 2. Sex Change Called Transitioning 3. School Curriculm Encourage LGBTQ Life-Choices 4. Sex Change W/O Knowledge Of Parents 5. Biden Admin. 200+ LGBTQ Appointees & Counting C. ‘Bible’ Describes At Lowest Moral Point 1. LGBTQ+ Against God, Nature, Design ( Purpose) 2. Human Beings: Two Genders - Xy Male & Xx Female 3. LGBTQ: 1/3 Mental Illnes, 40% Self-Harm, Suicide D. Ro.3:23, Gal.5:19-21, I Cor.6:9-10 ‘Wake Up Call’ II. HOW DID WE GET HERE? INDIVIDUALLY/NATIONALLY A. Ro.1:22, 28, Jer.2:11-13 God Handed Them Over B. All Manner Of Evil And Corruption, Highest Level III. WHERE DOES IT LEAD? IS.5:20-24 A. Rotten From Within X Greek, Roman Nations 1. Nations Collapse That Approve Homosexuality B. Corrupts Culture At The Root Mk.11 Fig Tree IV. WHAT ARE WE AS CHRISTIANS TO DO? A. I Pet.4:17 Repentance, Restoration With Jesus B. Speak Truth, Live Truth, Stand For Truth C. Love The Lost, Share The Hope I Cor.6:11 ‘Such’ D. Not Transition But Transformation

Romans 1:24-25

October 10, 2021 • Pastor John Wilson

INTRO. NEXT SEVERAL SERMONS ARE CHALLENGING A. Vs 22 = Loss Of Reason & Moral Decay X Vortex B. ”Therefore” vs 18-23 = Cause And Effect I. Vs 24 GOD HANDED THEM OVER TO UNCLEANNESS A. God Did Not Want To, Forced His Hand X I Sam. 8:5, I Sam. 12:12-13 God Warned Them B. To Uncleanness: Impure, Lewd, Unchaste C. Ever Increasing Immorality, Self-Destructive 1. Pv.11:19, Pv.14:12 Never God’s Desire X Israel II. 24 LUSTS OF HEARTS > SEAT OF MIND, WILL, EMOTION A. Gk. = Intense Craving, Burning Passion 1. Desire The Forbidden, Begins In The Mind 2. Covet Things, People, Experiences B. Moves In The Body Physically III. Vs 24 DISHONOR THEIR BODIES = SHAME, DEVALUE A. Use For Selfish Pleasure = Treat As Objects B. “Among” Themselves > Complicit In Sin & Evil 1. Vs 32 You Approve …To Cover Shame Of Your Sins 2. Results: Std, Abortion, Fatherless Homes, Society IV. Vs 25 “EXCHANGED” CHANGE ONE THING TO ANOTHER A. Deviate From Truth, Deviant Behavior, Beliefs B. Truth: Everything Made With Design/Purpose X Grand Piano Floats, Lgbtq “Procreate” C. What Is The Lie? Gen.3:5 Man Can Be As God 1. Truth: God Made Man In His Image D. Man Has Sought To Place Himself Above God CLOSE: THIS PATTERN MAY BE ESCAPED A. No Nation, Culture Has Survived This Place

Romans 1:18-23

October 3, 2021 • Pastor John Wilson

I . vs 18 SUPPRESS > HOLD DOWN, CHOOSE FALSE VIEW OF GOD A. Can Only Go Downward X Evolution > Devolution B. Inverts Itself > Man Becomes God C. Truth Is Being Attacked Every Minute, Every Day II. vs 19 MANIFEST > IN THEM VISIBLE, UNCOVERED, PERCEIVED A. Innate Knowledge W/N Man > Simply God Is B. Innate Knowledge Of Right And Wrong C. Conscience Which God Places In All People III. vs 20 CREATION OF THE WORLD INVISIBLE ATTRIBUTES A. Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnipotent X Starry Night B. Bible Is Not A Scientific Book But… C. When Referencing Natural World It Is Correct X See Addendum – There Is A Designer Col.15:17 D. Think He Has A Plan For You? IV. vs 21 TWO TIMES IN HUMAN HISTORY ALL KNEW GOD A. Adam & Eve, Noah & Family After The Flood B. Did Not Glorify God Or Thank Him C. Became Futile In Thouhgts, Hearts Darkened V. vs 22 PROFESSING WISDOM, CHANGED THE GLORY OF GOD A. Invented Gods In Their Own Image/ Beliefs & Culture B. Cascaded Downward, Deterioation, Degeneration C. Always Higher To Lower State: Spiritually, Morally D. Eventually Knowledge Of True God Was Lost 1. It Is So Today “ No Fear Of God” Ro.3:18 CLOSE: HOPE YOU REALIZE TODAY HOW GREAT IS OUR GOD

Romans 1:18

September 26, 2021 • Pastor John Wilson • Romans 1:18

INTRO. EXTREMELY UNCOMFORTABLE TRUTH, SHOULD BE A. Gk. Orge = Hatred Of Sin And Controlled Response B. Gk. Thumos = Released Passionate Indignation C. Wrath Is Another Aspect Of God’s Holiness D. God Is Not Love If He Is Not Just (Makes Things Right) I. WRATH IS CONSISTENT WITH GOD AND SCRIPTURE A. OT > Flood, Sodom, Egypt Plagues, Achan X . World, Nations, Cities, Individuals B. NT = Warns 47x X Jesus Endured Wrath II. WRATH IS TO BE FEARED, ANGER OF GOD AGAINST SINNER A. Rev.19:11-15 Fierce Son Of God B. Fire, Torment, Pain, Distress, Sorrow, Anguish, Agony 1. Thrown In With Satan, Anti, Prophet, Demons, Lost C. Wrath Followed By Hell, Both Are Realities III. WRATH OF GOD ‘IS’ REVEALED FROM HEAVEN A. Natural Laws Have Consequences X Gravity B. Moral Laws Have Consequences X Ananias C. Spiritual Laws Have Consequences X Repentance D. “Is” ‘Has Been, Now Is, Will Be Complete 1. Some Say “No Consequence…” II Pet.3:3-4, Ps 10 2. God Is Restrained Storing Wrath Ro.2:5-6, II Pet.3:8-9 X J. Edwards “Sinners In Hands…” Stream Held Back IV. WRATH IS COMING & WILL SURELY COME A. Rev.15:1, Rev. 16:1, , Rev.19:11-15 B. Think You Are Good? Eph.2:3 V. WHAT IS THE POINT OF TELLING YOU ALL THIS? A. Full Counsel Of God B. Christian Should Motivate You To Share C. Non-Christian Should Turn You To God In Jesus

Romans 1:14-17

September 19, 2021 • Pastor John Wilson

INTRO. RECAP vs 2-4 IDENTITY OF JESUS CHRIST A. Paul Identifies As A Bondservant B. True Christian Love For The Church 1. Vs 8-13 See, Know, Encourage, Strengthen I. vs 14 “I AM DEBTOR…” TO ALL MANKIND A. Indebted To Jesus Christ & His Mission X Stories Of Allegiance To Rescuer/Savior 1. Debt Never Fully Repaid X Elliot “He Is No Fool Who Gives Up…” Mt.16:25 B. Paul Felt This Indebtedness To Preach II. vs 15 “I AM READY…” EAGER TO PREACH GOSPEL A. Impatient To Share With Anyone/Everyone B. Gospel? Full Council Of God In His Word C. I Pet.3:15 Ready To Give Reason… III. vs 16 “I AM NOT ASHAMED…” WHY? A. Power Of God To Salvation/Rescue, Changes: 1. People, Cultures, Nations, Begins In The Heart 2. Delivered From: Penalty, Power, Presence B. Available To All. How? IV. vs 17 FROM FAITH TO FAITH (SANCTIFICATION) A. Changed From W/N Instead Of From W/O B. Faith Rests On Proof & Promises Of God V. vs 17 PAUL UNLOADS IT “JUST SHALL LIVE BY FAITH” A. Not New, Existed In Ot But Now Explicit, Open 1, Gen.15:6, Hab.2:4, Ro.3:21 B. Not Earned, Never Earned But Received By Faith C. Do As Abraham

Romans 1:8-15

August 15, 2021

INTRO. PAUL’S HEART FOR BELIEVERS IN ROME A. Imagine Interest A Letter From Paul ! B. Would It Be Encouraging Or Harsh? I. vs 8-9 PAUL TELLS THEM THREE THINGS: A. Thankful We Could All Learn From Him B. Tells Their Faith Is Reaching Around The World C. He Has Been Praying For Them D. What Excitement And Encouragement… II. vs 10-13 PAUL TELLS PERSONAL DESIRE TRANSPARENT A. Long To See, To Be With, To Know Them B. To Share Ministry, Spiritual Gift Of Spirit C. Encouraged By Mutual Faith Heb.10:25 1. Sign Of Healthy Christians D. Assures Them He Always Intened To Join Them 1. What Hindered Paul? Acts 16:5-7 2. Paul Finally Got To Rome: 3. Prisoner, Storm, Shipwreck, Snake Bite LESSON: He Wanted To Come If God’s Will Ps.37:4-5 May Not Know Where Faith Leads Us But We Know The One Who Leads Us. III. vs 14-15 PAUL SHARES PERSONAL CONVICTION A. “I Am A Debtor” B. “I Am Ready To Share” CLOSE: WE NEED ENCOURAGEMENT FROM EACH OTHER

Romans 1:1-7

August 8, 2021 • Pastor John Wilson

INTRO. BONDSERVANT, CALLED, APOSTLE, SEPARATED A. Short Synopsis Of His Message I. vs 1-2 THE PROMISE THE GOSPEL OF GOD A. Promised Solution To Human Problem Of Sin B. Jesus Declared Gen.3:15, Gal.3:8, Ro.4:3 C. Prophets Foretold It Dan.9:26 > 6th BC D. Scripture Described It Ps.22 1000bc E. Word Is True, Reliable, Worthy Of Study II. vs 3 THE PERSON OF JESUS CHRIST > HIS IDENTITY A. Seed Of David II Sam.7:12 1. Jewish Genealogy Important B. Also Son Of God Ps.2:7-8, Mt.3:17 X Baptism III. vs 4 POWER & PROOF OF JESUS ‘RESURRECTION’ A. Raised By Spirit Of Holiness B. Paul Later Writes Same Spirit Dwells In Us 1. We Are Children Of God Ro. 8:14-17 C. What Is Spirit Of Holiness? Holy Spirit 1. Life Force That Separates From The World 2. Moral Compass - Power To Live Holy Lives 3. Impacts Our Whole Person, Character D. Power For Present/ Promise For Future Eph.1:13-14 IV. vs 5 THE PATHWAY ‘GRACE’ ‘NARROW WAY’ MT.7:14 A. Not Our Works But His Work On The Cross B. Obedience To Faith X Abraham X John 6:29 C. Take It To All Nations = Ethnos, People V. vs 6-7 PRIVILEGE = PART OF THE GREAT COMPANY/BODY A. Referred To As ‘Beloved’ “Accepted” Eph.1:6 B. New Lineage, Genealogy, Legacy By Faith CLOSE: GOD INVITES ANY TO JOIN HIS COMPANY

Romans 1:1

July 25, 2021 • Pastor John Wilson

INTRO. PAUL IDENTIFIES AS BONDSERVANT A. Voluntary, Permanent, Allegiance B. Not Coerced, Love, Personal, Public I. vs 1 ‘CALLED’ KALEO A. Summons, Divine Calling > Obligatory 1. Not Free To Ignore X Jonah B. Called To Participate In Blessings 1. Justified, Sanctified, Glorified C. Ignore Calling Great Cost/Peril D. Calling Is Clear & Specific X My Calling II. ‘APOSTLE’ APOSTOLOS = ‘TO BE SENT’ SENT ONE A. Word Used Of Jesus Jn.17:3, Heb.3:1 B. Used Of The Twelve Apostles Lk.6:12-13 1. Qualifications: Seen Risen Lord, Commissioned 2. Office: Speak/Write Scripture, Church Authority C. Paul Commissioned By Jesus Acts 9:10-16 Not Easy D. Christians Enter Into 7 Fellowships: 1. Father & Son I Jn.1:3, Holy Spirit Phil.2:1 2. Ministry Ii Cor. 8:4, Mystery Eph.3:9, Saints I Jn.1:7 3. Suffering Phil.3:10 Degrees Of Suffering A. Stress, Adversity, Crushing, Persecution Col.1:24 III. ‘SEPARATED’ APHORIZO MARKED OFF, BOUNDARIES A. Context: Divine Setting Apart For The Gospel B. Gospel Is Nothing New Gen.3:15, Rev.13:8 1. Ps. 22, Description Dan.9:24-26 Timing CLOSE: GOD SUMMONS ALL, DECISIONS MUST BE MADE A. If Understand The Gospel You Must Respond B. If Called to Serve, You Must

Romans 1:1

July 18, 2021 • Pastor John Wilson

INTRO. PAUL IDENTIFIES 1ST AS SLAVE OF JESUS = HONOR A. ‘Ebed’ Heb. Root - Ex.21:5-6 & Deut.15:12-17 B. 1st Century Rome: 1. 1/3 Slaves, 1/3 Had Been Slaves 2. Roman Slavery Was Offensive 3. Work Your Way Out Or Buy Your Way Out C. Jewish Slavery On 7-Year Cycle > Freedom 1. 7th Year A Decision Made/ Action To Be Taken 2. Leave Or Become A Bondservant I. WHY WOULD ANYONE CHOOSE TO BECOME BONDSERVANT? A. Answer: Deut.15:12-16 - Motivated By Love B. An Agreement Must Be Made Ii. What Are The Conditions? A. Must Be Voluntary By Both Parties B. Permanent – Life Commitment Protect Master C. Servant Willingly Declares Allegiance Personal D. No Personal Rights, All Surrendered - I Cor.6:19-20 E. Faithful In Abundance/Shortage, Destiny Intertwined F. Renounce All Other Masters - Ex.20:3, Mt.16:24 III. HOW IS PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP CONFIRMED? - EX.21:5-6: A. Commitment Is Made Publicly, So Is Our Faith B. ‘Awl’ Belonging To Master’s Household 1. By The Purchase Of Blood C. Attached To The Door Jesus Said - Jn.10:7 CLOSE: PARALLELS TO CHRISTIAN COMMITMENT/FAITH A. It Is A Choice You Make Personally > Love B. Must Accept Terms And Conditions C. It Must Be Public - Mt.10:32-33 D. It Is Most Important Act Of Your Life E. A Decision Must Be Made, No Decision Is Decision