Rejecting Jesus

Luke 4:22-30

February 21, 2021 • Pastor John Wilson

INTRO. THEY LOVED HIS GRACIOUS WORDS A. Still Did Not Believe Son Of Joseph? B. Show Us A Sign I. JESUS KNEW THEIR THOUGHTS - JN.2:25 A. They Wanted A Sign For Authentication B. Familiarity, Pride, Waiting For Messiah C. These All Three Hindered Their Believing II. vs 26 - JESUS MAKES POINT WITH TWO PROPHETS: A. Elijah 850-790 Bc I Kg.17 1. Ahab, Jezebel, Led Israel In Baal Worship 2. Result: Famine Due To Lack Of Rain 3. Many Widows > Starving - I Kg.17:9 - One Told 4. Elijah Asks For The Very Last She Had 5. Only Way To Know Was To Give All 6. Faith Gives All, Believes God Will Provide B. vs 27 - Elisha 850-790 Bc Many Lepers In Israel 1. Naaman = Syrian Gentile, Enemy Of Israel 2. II Kgs. 5 Little Jewish Girl Made A Slave 3. Advises Mistress Naaman Go To Prophet 4. Goes First To King, (Pride) Denied 5. Naaman Offended But Repents 6. II Kg.5:13-14 - Believes, Obeys, Healed III. vs 28 - JEWS OFFENDED, WE ARE CHOSEN,COVENANT A. Jesus Made Point: Must Humble Ourselves B. All Are Welcome But Miracles Not Needed C. Jesus Saves Any Who Believe - Col.3:11

Jesus Demonstrates the Kingdom

Luke 4:31-44 • February 28, 2021 • Pastor John Wilson

INTRO. #3 - #4 JOHN PREPARES THE WAY A. Baptism > Anointing > Temptation B. 4:18-28 - Declaration & Demonstration I. DEMONSTRATION KGDM. TO BELIEVERS A. Power Over The Supernatural X Case In Point: Demoniac In Synagogue 1. Muzzled, Commanded Come Out, Must Obey B. Power Over Natural – vs 38-41 II. DECLARATION THE KINGDOM > A. Kingdom: Sovereign, Royal Authority 1. Sphere Where God’s Rule Acknowledged 2. Power > Absolute - Phil.2:10-11 - “Every Knee” B. Spiritual Discerned Spiritually 1. Kingdom Come Near - Lk.10:9 - Gospel/Power 2. Kingdom Is W/N You - Lk.17:21 3. No Less Kingdom, No Less Visible > Saints C. Purpose: Jesus Sent From Heaven - Jn.3:13 1. Two Key Words For ‘Sent’ In NT A. Sent To Market For Some Groceries B. Sent On Mission With Authority To ‘Do’ III. DEPUTATION OF THE CHURCH - ACTS1:8, EPH.3:10 A. We Experience Same Power And Evidences B. Church Is Empowered By Same Holy Spirit CLOSE: HOW DO PEOPLE ENTER THE KINGDOM? A. Literal New Birth = Regeneration B. Kingdom Has Come Near, Must Respond C. Kingdom Then Is In You

Jesus the Messiah

Luke 4:18-19 • February 14, 2021 • Pastor John Wilson

INTRO. AFTER BAPTISM BEGAN MINISTRY - LK.4:14 A. Returns To Nazareth, Goes To Synagogue B. Jesus Reads From - Is.61:1-2 - Identifies Self I. HE IS ANOINTED OF GOD - LK.3:24 (BAPTISM) A. Sent To ‘Preach’ (Announce) The Gospel B. Lk.2:14 - Heart Of God Toward Sinful Man II. GOSPEL FOR ALL & FOR ALL CONDITIONS OF MAN Note: Literal And Spiritual Applications A. Poor = Mt.5:3 - Recognize Spiritual Poverty X Peter - Lk.5:8 - Miracle Of Fish “Depart…” 1. Always First Response Of Man (Adam & Eve) B. Heal Broken Hearts = Make Whole, Restore: 1. Shattered Lives, Emotional, Mental, Body C. Liberty Captives Proclaim Pardon, Release 1. Gk.= Prisoners Of War/ Made Slaves 2. Sin Is A Tyrant - Ro.6:18-23, Ii Tim.2:26 D. Recovery Of Sight, Blind = Thick Smoke 1. Not See The Face Of Family/ Jesus Christ 2. Spiritual Darkness Worst Kind - Ii Cor.4:3-4 A. Smothers The Soul Of People E. Liberty To Downtrodden = Crushed By Life 1. Beaten, Defeated, Discouraged, Hopeless 2. ‘My Life Will Never Change’ Depression+ III. THERE IS HOPE IN CHRIST - V.19-20 A. We Face Trials/Disappointments - Heb.13:5 B. We Do Not Need To Face Life Alone C. Allow Jesus In And Into D. Put Our Trust In Him, Share With Others

It Is Written

Part 3 - Luke 4:9-12 • January 31, 2021 • Pastor John Wilson

I. LK.4:9-12 - JESUS REFUSED THE TRAP OF SATAN A. Prove Yourself To Me/Men B. Satan Distorts The Word - Ps.91:11-12 1. “Cast Yourself Down” = Presumptive Faith 2. False Teachers > Dangerous Error C. Make Grand Entrance ‘Sign’ Followers 1. Mt. 12:38-40 - Sign Of Jonah II. FOCUS ON JESUS’ ANSWER - DEUT.6:16 A. It Is Sin To Test God 1. Challenge, Dare, Doubt, Distrust X Israel - Ps.78:17-22, 40 & 41 B. Why Is Testing God Unacceptable? Note: Mal.3:10 - Is The Exception 1. Places Conditions On God X I Will Obey/Believe ‘If’ Or ‘When’ 2. Makes God Accountable To Us X Quote Bible & Tell God What He Has To Do Jn.14:13 – Balance - I Jn.5:14 3. Obligate God Deliver From Consequences Force God To Do My Will, Follow Me/Corner III. CLARIFY THE CHOICE JESUS MADE A. Remained In Submission To God The Father B. Surrendered As A Man To The… 1. Word, Will And Way Of God - Jn.8:28-29 2. Failure Would Have Corrupted Him CLOSE: JESUS IS OUR EXAMPLE - I PET.3:21 A. Submission To God Is Daily Choice B. Remember “Why Seek Me?” How Far? C. Trying To Control God/Bargain?