Why Did You Seek Me?

Luke 2:41-49

January 10, 2021 • Pastor John Wilson

INTRO. PAY SPECIAL ATTENTION TO QUESTIONS A. Often Bring Clarity To Our Lives/Motives B. The Obvious: Sought Because I Am Family C. Hidden: Did Not Know Who He Was/Purpose I. JESUS ASKS QUESTION “ WHY DID YOU SEEK ME?” A. Not All Seek For Right Reasons - Jn.6:25-26 1. Temporal, Political Messiah, Miracles 2. Prophet, Teacher, Finances, Prestige X Business Man X Politicians ‘Come To Jesus’ B. Teachings Became Hard - Jn.6:66-67 C. Contrast: 12 Followed W/O Signs/Designs X My Return Was To Get Right With God 1. Had To Surrender My Life To Him II. “ BE IN THE THINGS OF MY FATHER” NASB A. Observations Re: Statement/ Meanings: 1. Declared Unique Relationship To Father 2. Accepting His Identity In The Father 3. Brought Clarity/Purpose To Earthly Life B. Jesus Drawn To His Father And His Mission: 1. Gospel, Miracles > Divinity, Under Law, 2. Atonement, Reconcile, Salvation, 3.Eternal Redemption, Reveal Father , 4. Kingdom W/N, Enter By Believing QUESTIONS: WHY HAVE YOU SOUGHT JESUS? A. Have You Accepted His Terms? B. Are You Part Of His Kingdom Within? C. Do You Know Your Mission/Identity

It Is Written

Luke 4:1-4 • January 17, 2021 • Pastor John Wilson

I. LK.3:21-22 - BAPTISM, HOLY SPIRIT, VOICE A. Lk.4:1-2 - Tempted 40 Days 1. ‘Peirazo’ Test Inclination Of Heart B. Culmination: First Of The Big Three: II. LK.4:3 - “IF SON OF GOD…” PROVE IT A. Challenge Jesus’ Identity 1. God Gave Manna, You Make Bread 2. Ps.78:17-19 = Rebellion B. Distrust God - Gen.3:6 1. Act Independently, On Your Own 2. Serve Yourself Not God C. Jn.8:29 - “Always Do Things Please…” III. LK.4:4 - STATES RELIANCE ON WORD OF GOD A. Ps.55:22 - Chul, - Jn.4:32,34 - “I Have Food…” B. Scripture Reveals: 1. Character Of God = Trust 2. Will Of God 3. Ways Of God – Learned - Ps.103:7 4. Grace Of God = Received And Enjoyed C. Grace Is Manifest In What I Possess: 1. Peace - Jn.14:27 2. Presence - Jn.8:29 3. Purpose - Mt.20:28 - Ransom 4. Power: Wind, Sea, Demons, Disease, Sin, Death CLOSE: JESUS IS OUR EXAMPLE, PROTOTYPE A. Ps.119:105 - “Thy Word A Lamp…” B. Happens Only For Believers