Romans 1:1

Part 1

July 18, 2021 • Pastor John Wilson

INTRO. PAUL IDENTIFIES 1ST AS SLAVE OF JESUS = HONOR A. ‘Ebed’ Heb. Root - Ex.21:5-6 & Deut.15:12-17 B. 1st Century Rome: 1. 1/3 Slaves, 1/3 Had Been Slaves 2. Roman Slavery Was Offensive 3. Work Your Way Out Or Buy Your Way Out C. Jewish Slavery On 7-Year Cycle > Freedom 1. 7th Year A Decision Made/ Action To Be Taken 2. Leave Or Become A Bondservant I. WHY WOULD ANYONE CHOOSE TO BECOME BONDSERVANT? A. Answer: Deut.15:12-16 - Motivated By Love B. An Agreement Must Be Made Ii. What Are The Conditions? A. Must Be Voluntary By Both Parties B. Permanent – Life Commitment Protect Master C. Servant Willingly Declares Allegiance Personal D. No Personal Rights, All Surrendered - I Cor.6:19-20 E. Faithful In Abundance/Shortage, Destiny Intertwined F. Renounce All Other Masters - Ex.20:3, Mt.16:24 III. HOW IS PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP CONFIRMED? - EX.21:5-6: A. Commitment Is Made Publicly, So Is Our Faith B. ‘Awl’ Belonging To Master’s Household 1. By The Purchase Of Blood C. Attached To The Door Jesus Said - Jn.10:7 CLOSE: PARALLELS TO CHRISTIAN COMMITMENT/FAITH A. It Is A Choice You Make Personally > Love B. Must Accept Terms And Conditions C. It Must Be Public - Mt.10:32-33 D. It Is Most Important Act Of Your Life E. A Decision Must Be Made, No Decision Is Decision

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Romans 1:1

Part 2 • July 25, 2021 • Pastor John Wilson

INTRO. PAUL IDENTIFIES AS BONDSERVANT A. Voluntary, Permanent, Allegiance B. Not Coerced, Love, Personal, Public I. vs 1 ‘CALLED’ KALEO A. Summons, Divine Calling > Obligatory 1. Not Free To Ignore X Jonah B. Called To Participate In Blessings 1. Justified, Sanctified, Glorified C. Ignore Calling Great Cost/Peril D. Calling Is Clear & Specific X My Calling II. ‘APOSTLE’ APOSTOLOS = ‘TO BE SENT’ SENT ONE A. Word Used Of Jesus Jn.17:3, Heb.3:1 B. Used Of The Twelve Apostles Lk.6:12-13 1. Qualifications: Seen Risen Lord, Commissioned 2. Office: Speak/Write Scripture, Church Authority C. Paul Commissioned By Jesus Acts 9:10-16 Not Easy D. Christians Enter Into 7 Fellowships: 1. Father & Son I Jn.1:3, Holy Spirit Phil.2:1 2. Ministry Ii Cor. 8:4, Mystery Eph.3:9, Saints I Jn.1:7 3. Suffering Phil.3:10 Degrees Of Suffering A. Stress, Adversity, Crushing, Persecution Col.1:24 III. ‘SEPARATED’ APHORIZO MARKED OFF, BOUNDARIES A. Context: Divine Setting Apart For The Gospel B. Gospel Is Nothing New Gen.3:15, Rev.13:8 1. Ps. 22, Description Dan.9:24-26 Timing CLOSE: GOD SUMMONS ALL, DECISIONS MUST BE MADE A. If Understand The Gospel You Must Respond B. If Called to Serve, You Must

Romans Introduction

July 11, 2021 • Pastor John Wilson

INTRO. CHANGE OF DIRECTION – LED BY HOLY SPIRIT A. Confirmed three ways: men, one man, Ben B. Romans a book that changes lives I. HISTORICAL BACKGROUND 56 AD A. Nero was emperor at Paul’s writing of Romans B. Wrote from Corinth to ‘saints’ at Rome 1. Note: not the ‘church’ not yet organized C. How did the gospel get to Rome? 1. Acts 2:5-11, Acts 8:4 “scattered…preached” D. These saints lived in utterly pagan world 1. In need of doctrine our time as well APP. We live and minister in very dark world II. PERSONAL BACKGROUND OF APOSTLE PAUL A. Father was Roman, Paul born citizen of Rome B. Highest religious education 1. Trained under Gamaliel Ac.5:34 C. Presents his credentials Acts 22:3, Phi. 3:3-6 1. He was top dog D. Something happened that changed him Acts 9:1-9 1. II Cor.5:17 free from past new person E. Paul’s perspective changed Phil.3:7-9 APP.. Have you had that conversion encounter? III. GREATEST EXPOSITION OF CHRISTIAN DOCTRINE A. Romans builds faith & knowledge of God 1. Guilt, redemption, just by faith, saved by grace B. OT revealed what God would do Gen.3:15 C. NT - Romans tells how God did it D. Man would be justified Ro.1:17, Hab.2:4 CLOSE: ROMANS SHOWS GOD MEETS NEED OF MAN A. Deepest need, deepest level B. APP. What will we each do with Jesus Christ?