David Sought God's Will

1 Samuel 23:1-6

July 26, 2020 • Pastor John Wilson

I. vs 1 - SITUATION KEILAH A BORDER TOWN WARNING A. Vulnerable > Lack Of Godly Leader B. King Saul Turned From Following God C. Satan Is An Opportunist - Jn.10:10 D. Leaders Fail, Innocent Suffer - Pv.29:2 x Governors, Mayors > Anarchy II. vs 2 - DAVID’S RESPONSE IS OUR EXAMPLE A. Saw Need And Souhgt Will Of God 1. ‘Need’ Does Not Constitute A Call 2. Good Intentions May Interfere W/ God 3. Self-Interest May Be Our Motive x Hero, Praise, Allegiance, Relationships B. vs 3-4 - Demonstrated Godly Leadership 1. Heard Concern Of His Men (Militarily) 2. Inquired Of God Once Again - Ja.1:5 3. Being Confirmed ‘Go’ They Committed x Once Confirmed Must Commit III. ALL AGREE SEEK WILL OF GOD HOW? A. Reject Temptation/Rationalization Need B. Recognize/Repent Of Self-Interest C. Practice Three W’s Of Discovering His Will 1. Want His Will Above Your Own 2. Will To Obey > Big Or Small a. Now Ready To Seek His Will 3. Wait With Real Expectation Of His Answer a. Prayer, Word, Spirit, Peace, Proceed

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Considering Circumstances

1 Samuel 23:7-13 • August 9, 2020 • Pastor John Wilson

INTRO. - I SAM.23:7-13 I. vs 7-8 - Saul’s Response To Circumstances A. Mistakenly Assumed God With Him - 16:1 & 14 B. Believed David Delivered To Him By God C. Blinded By Sin, Rebellion, Selfish Desires D. Took Action Based On False Assumption 1. Operating On Own View Of God (Idolatry) X Love X Cruel X Unfair X Salvation - Ex.20:3 II. vs 9-13 - DAVID’S RESPONSE TO CIRCUMSTANCES A. What He Could Have Thought: 1. Could Expect City Of Keilah To Protect 2. Could Assume God Had Deserted Him 3. Could Have Inquired Of Elders Of Keilah B. What He Did Is Example Re: Circumstances 1. Approached God Properly & Reverently 2. Calles For Abiathar (Ephod) A. God Of Israel 2x ‘Your Servant’ 3x 3. His Request Was Specific, Inquired Of God 4. Expected & Received Guidance - Ja.1:5 5. Based On Answer/Perspective Took Action III. LESSONS FOR US: A. Careful In Expectations Of People B. Circumstances Alone Not Reliable C. Our Understanding Is Incomplete D. God’s Knowledge/Guidance Is Perfect E. Retain Biblical View Of God (Idolatry) F. Exercise Caution In Discerning Will Of God 1. Word, Prayer, H.S., Listen, Obey

A Call to Loyalty

1 Samuel 22:20-23 • July 19, 2020 • Pastor John Wilson

INTRO. SAUL MURDERED PRIESTS, RAZED NOB A. Come To Relationship of Abiathar & David I. Facts: Abiathar Escapes Execution A. Priest & Anointed Both are Fugitives B. Brought Together by God (Providence) II. SYMBOLISM: CHRIST AND HIS CHURCH A. Persecuted From Beginning & Continues: X Last Week: 4 Churches Atacked, 2 Burned X Litigation, Scotus Decisions B. Col.1:24 - Complete…Lacking C. David & Abiathar = Loyalty to Each Other III. NATURE OF THE LORD’S CHURCH: A. Body of Jesus Christ - Col.1: 24 B. Jesus is Our Head/Leader - Eph.1: 22-23 C. We Are Righteous in Him - II Cor.5: 21 D. Indwelt by H.S. - I Cor.6: 19 - Animated By… E. Spiritual Gifts - I Cor.12:7 F. Joint Heirs With Jesus - Ro.8:16-17 G. Represent Christ Universally - Eph.3:9-10 IV. YOUR RESPONSE TO THE CHURCH? (HIS BODY) A. Careful Re: Attitude to Church - Acts 9:4-5 1. Saul Crossed Line: Reason, Emotion, Morality, Conscience B. Be Careful What You Say Re: Church C. Love the Body - Jn.13:34, Col.1:14 - ‘Put On’ D. Actively Show Allegiance to Jesus’ Body 1. Prayer, Material, Time, Loyalty CLOSE: RELATIONSHIP TO LOCAL BODY? A. Begins With Receiving Lord of the Church B. Call to Loyalty

How Did I Get Here?

1 Samuel 22:7-19 • July 12, 2020 • Pastor John Wilson

INTRO. STUDY DECLINE OF SAUL (WARNING TO US) A. Observe The Pattern Of Decline B. Recognize Consequences Severe / Increase C. Hopefully Avoid Them I. FIRST STEP: SPIRITUAL REJECTION OF GOD A. I Sam.15:11,22,23 - Choices Of King Saul B. Pv.8: 32-36 - ‘Sin Against Own Soul’ C. Soul: Intellect, Emotion, Will II. SECOND: 19:1 - SURRENDER OF REASON A. Ro.1:21 - ‘Became Futile In Thinking’ B. Grew Increasingly Irrational C. Finally Incapable Of Sound Judgment III. 22:7-8 - THIRD: EMOTIONALLY UNSTABLE A. Ro. 1:21 - Hearts Darkened; Seat Of… 1. Mental, Emotional, Moral B. As His Decline Continued Observe: 1. He Became Jealous, Paranoid 2. Invented False Reality/Narrative: X Greed, ID Politics, Power, Division 3. Sought Allegiance To Self ‘Me’ 5 X IV. 9,11,18,19 - REPROBATE = UNPRINCIPLED A. Ro.1:28, I Tim. 4:2 - ‘Conscience Seared’ B. Moral Failure: Prisons, Culture CLOSE: CAN I ESCAPE THIS PATTERN / FATE? A. Eph.4:17 - Christian, Non- Christian B. Must Determine In Your Heart