Romans 1:24-32

God Handed Them Over, Part 2

October 17, 2021 • Pastor John Wilson

INTRO. PART 2 REMAIN SENSITIVE TO OTHERS A. Truth Must Be Spoken But Only In Hope B. Not To Condemn But To Set Free Ja.2:13 C. Grace & Truth, May Bring Transformation I. WHERE ARE WE TODAY? A. II Tim.3:1-4 Does This Sound Like Today’s World? 1. Living In Tsunami Of Evil & Corruption 2. ‘In Your Face’ Immorality & Collective Deception B. What Was Once Shame Now Shouted As Civil Rights 1. Columbus Day = Coming Out, 97 Gender Identities 2. Sex Change Called Transitioning 3. School Curriculm Encourage LGBTQ Life-Choices 4. Sex Change W/O Knowledge Of Parents 5. Biden Admin. 200+ LGBTQ Appointees & Counting C. ‘Bible’ Describes At Lowest Moral Point 1. LGBTQ+ Against God, Nature, Design ( Purpose) 2. Human Beings: Two Genders - Xy Male & Xx Female 3. LGBTQ: 1/3 Mental Illnes, 40% Self-Harm, Suicide D. Ro.3:23, Gal.5:19-21, I Cor.6:9-10 ‘Wake Up Call’ II. HOW DID WE GET HERE? INDIVIDUALLY/NATIONALLY A. Ro.1:22, 28, Jer.2:11-13 God Handed Them Over B. All Manner Of Evil And Corruption, Highest Level III. WHERE DOES IT LEAD? IS.5:20-24 A. Rotten From Within X Greek, Roman Nations 1. Nations Collapse That Approve Homosexuality B. Corrupts Culture At The Root Mk.11 Fig Tree IV. WHAT ARE WE AS CHRISTIANS TO DO? A. I Pet.4:17 Repentance, Restoration With Jesus B. Speak Truth, Live Truth, Stand For Truth C. Love The Lost, Share The Hope I Cor.6:11 ‘Such’ D. Not Transition But Transformation

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Romans 3:9-20

November 28, 2021 • Pastor John Wilson

INTRO. MASQUERADE = PARTY WITH MASKS & COSTUMES A. Purpose: Conceal, Protect, Deceive 1. False Persona > Religious People Fool Selves B. Began With Adam & Eve (Continues Today) C. Ro.3:9-20 Party Is Over, Masks Coming Off I. vs 9 GOD BRINGS CHARGE AGAINST HUMANITY X NOAH A. Sinners By Nature & Confirm By Actions/Attitudes B. Charge: None Righteous, No One Good Enough Mt.5:48 II. vs 10-18 PAUL RIPS OFF MASK, PRESENTS EVIDENCE A. vs 10 None Are Righteous (Prosecutes The Charge) 1. Many Religions/Beliefs But They Are Not Sufficient B. vs 11 None Live Up To Knowledge Jew Or Gentile 1. Do Not Keep Law, Do Not Obey Conscience 2. None Seek Living God Ac.13:22, Jer.29:13 C. vs 12 Turned Aside, Follow Their Own Desires/Dreams 1.” Become Unprofitable” Relates To Rotten Fruit 2. Triple Negative, Strong Emphasis Great Prosecutor D. vs 13-14 Depraved Speech, Disgusting Ja.1:26; 3:10 1. Mouth Open Grave X Smell Of Rotting Flesh 2. Poison Of Asps = Slander & Lies X Personal/Political 3. Cursing & Bitterness Heb.12:15 Poisonous Plants E. vs 15-18 Feet Run To Evil Is.59:7-8 1. Destruction & Misery X World Today 2. No Peace = Absence Of Harmony, Wholeness, Trust 3. No Fear Of God, No Moral Restraint Job.28:28 III. vs 19-20 WHAT THE LAW CAN AND CANNOT DO GAL.3:21-25

Romans 3:1-8

November 21, 2021 • Pastor John Wilson

INTRO. ESTABLISHED JEWS AS GUILTY AS GENTILES A. Unfaithfulness Of Men V. Faithfulness Of God B. God’s Justice On Trial By Men (Not Good Idea) I. vs 1-2 WHAT ADVANTAGE THEN FOR THE JEWS? A. Ps.147:19-20 Word, Promises, Patterns, Rituals B. Gen.12:1-3 X Promise To Abraham > Messiah To World C. Religious Israel Failed To Recognize Jesus D. Nevertheless Jesus Came As Fulfillment II. vs 3-4 UNFAITHFULNESS NULLIFY THE FAITHFULNESS OF GOD? A. Obvious = Jewish Failure Did Not Cancel God’s Will 1. Promises To Israel Were Kept & Will Be Kept 2. God Is Not Finished With Israel X 1948 Return B. God’s Will Overrules Unfaithful Man; In Spite Of Man 1. Is.55:11, Mt.24:35 C. PTL! His Promises To Me To You Do Not Depend On Us X Visions: 1preach My Word & 2you Will See The Harvest III. vs 5-6 IS GOD UNJUST TO PUNISH SINNERS? A. Prime Example Of Human Reasoning (Finite Minds) 1. If My Sin Ultimately Brings Glory To God 2. Why Should I Be Punished? X Stolen $$ To Build Ch. B. By This Reasoning All Could Claim Exemptions C. Such Belief Is Error Is.55:8-9 1. God Forbid!! IV. vs 7-8 WHY NOT DO EVIL TO ACCOMPLISH GOOD? A. We Should Never Think This Way. B. Evil Will Bear Fruit & Quickly X Promiscuity Many Consequences C. We Are Not Immune To Consequences CLOSE: EPH.5:15 CAREFULLY AS IN DANGEROUS TERRAIN A. Gal.5:16 Walk In The Spirit

Romans 2:25-29

November 14, 2021 • Pastor John Wilson

INTRO. PAUL’S CLOSING ARGUMENT RE: JEWS/LEGALISM A. All Persons Are Guilty Of Sin B. All Are In Need Of Grace > Jew Or Gentile I. vs 25 PROFESSION NOT NECESSARILY POSSESSION A. Jews Believed Law Gave Them Inside Track B. Paul Anticipates Their Arguments: 1. Heritage, Law, Traditions, Ritual Ro.2:21-22 C. Reliance On Any Of These Is Futile 1. Law Only As Good As Your Obedience 2. Law Not Sufficient Ja.2:10 Tablets Of Stone II. vs 26-27 WHAT ABOUT CIRCUMCISION/UNCIRCUMCISION? A. Some Debate Who Paul Is Speaking Of 1. Unsaved, Uncircumcised, But Obedient 2. Saved, Uncircumcised And Obedient B. We Know Uncircumcised Obedient Judge… 1. Those With Code And Rituals > Shock To Jews C. Bottom Line: Circumcision Is Of No Value III. vs 28-29 CRUX OF MATTER - WHO IS REAL JEW? A. Question Of Outward Show V. Inward Reality B. Abraham Gentile Before Becoming A Jew ‘Yada’ 1. Gen.12:1-3,7, Gen.15:6, Gen.17:24 C. True Jew Is One Inwardly vs 29 Circumcision Of Heart IV. vs 29 HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN? A. Deut.30:6, Phil.3:2-3, Col.2:11, Ezk.36:26 Work Of God B. True Circumcision Is An Inward Reality By Spirit C. God Changes The Heart: Gal.6:15, II Cor.5:17 CLOSE: EVERYTHING BEGINS TO CHANGE II COR.3:18