Romans 3:9-20


November 28, 2021 • Pastor John Wilson

INTRO. MASQUERADE = PARTY WITH MASKS & COSTUMES A. Purpose: Conceal, Protect, Deceive 1. False Persona > Religious People Fool Selves B. Began With Adam & Eve (Continues Today) C. Ro.3:9-20 Party Is Over, Masks Coming Off I. vs 9 GOD BRINGS CHARGE AGAINST HUMANITY X NOAH A. Sinners By Nature & Confirm By Actions/Attitudes B. Charge: None Righteous, No One Good Enough Mt.5:48 II. vs 10-18 PAUL RIPS OFF MASK, PRESENTS EVIDENCE A. vs 10 None Are Righteous (Prosecutes The Charge) 1. Many Religions/Beliefs But They Are Not Sufficient B. vs 11 None Live Up To Knowledge Jew Or Gentile 1. Do Not Keep Law, Do Not Obey Conscience 2. None Seek Living God Ac.13:22, Jer.29:13 C. vs 12 Turned Aside, Follow Their Own Desires/Dreams 1.” Become Unprofitable” Relates To Rotten Fruit 2. Triple Negative, Strong Emphasis Great Prosecutor D. vs 13-14 Depraved Speech, Disgusting Ja.1:26; 3:10 1. Mouth Open Grave X Smell Of Rotting Flesh 2. Poison Of Asps = Slander & Lies X Personal/Political 3. Cursing & Bitterness Heb.12:15 Poisonous Plants E. vs 15-18 Feet Run To Evil Is.59:7-8 1. Destruction & Misery X World Today 2. No Peace = Absence Of Harmony, Wholeness, Trust 3. No Fear Of God, No Moral Restraint Job.28:28 III. vs 19-20 WHAT THE LAW CAN AND CANNOT DO GAL.3:21-25

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Romans 4:1-8

January 23, 2022 • Pastor John Wilson

THEME: MADE RIGHTEOUSNESS OF GOD BY FAITH II CO.5:21 A. Abraham Before Law & David Under Law B. Paul Driving Home Truth ‘Rt. For All By Faith’ I. vs 1-2 ABRAHAM BEFORE LAW DISCOVERED A TRUTH: A. Our Works Give No Reason To Boast Is.64:6 B. Started Well > Moved By Faith Ii Cor.5:7 1. Missteps, Doubts, Uncertainty, Impatience 2. Gen.15:2-3 Decided God Needed A Little Help 3. Faith Not Perfect But Prevailed > Consequences 4. Abraham’s Heart Inclined Toward God II. vs 3-5 WHAT SCRIPTURE SAYS. IT IS TRUSTWORHY A. Logic: Rt. By Works Then Wages B. Grace: Righteousness By Faith C. Great Debate: Ja.2:19-25 Sounds Like Works 1. Clarify: I Thes.1:3, Heb.11:17-19 > Peirazo Test, Prove 2. Not Temptation To Sin But Testing Of Faith 3. Abraham Learned Of Righteousness By Faith III. vs 6-8 DAVID UNDER LAW REJOICED IN SAME TRUTH A. David: Polygamy, Adultery, Murder, Self-Reliance 1. Chose To Sin Against God, Have It My Way Self-Rule B. Ps.32:1-2 Blessed Is The Man Whose… 1. Iniquities/Lawlessness Anomos W/O Law > Animosity 2. Sins Are Forgiven, Covered By Jesus Christ C. David Knew Truth Personally, Experientially CLOSE: ARE YOU CONFIDENT YOU ARE TRUSTING GOD? A. Anything In Between? Make Things Right Today

Romans 3:27-31

January 16, 2022 • Pastor John Wilson

INTRO. PAUL DEALING WITH SUPERIOR ATTITUDE OF JEWS A. Trying To Earn Our Way To God Applies To Anyone B. vs 26 Lays It Out > Man Justified By Faith X Absurd I. vs 27 WHAT ABOUT THE LAW, WHAT ABOUT WORKS? A. Gen.15:6 ‘Chashab’ Account ‘Added Abraham’s Beliefs 1. Abraham Righteous Before The Law B. If By Works Then God Is Indebted To Man (Not So) II. vs 27-28 PAUL INTRODUCES A NEW LAW “LAW OF FAITH” A. Gk. ‘Pistis’ = Heb.11:1 Faith Based On Facts 1. Enough Evidence To Take Step Of Faith 2. Prophecies, Promises, Person > Fulfilled In Jesus B. Not Just Any Faith But Faith In True Living God 1. Faith Based On Conviction Of The Heart Via H.S. A. Belief, Trust, Expectation, Action III. vs 29-30 IS GOD THE GOD FOR EVERYONE? YES! A. This Passage Speaks Of The Unity Of God: 1. I Cor.8:6 Father Of All, Ac.17:26 All Men One Blood B. This Is Why The Way Is Thru Faith Hb.11:6 “W/O…” IV. vs 31 DOES FAITH ABOLISH THE LAW? NO! > MORAL CHAOS A. Written In Hearts Of Human Beings Ro.2:15 B. Law Of Faith Establishes Law? Proper Understanding. 1. Gal. 3:24 Law Was Tutor/Nanny To Guide Us 2. Faith Is Way Of God To Receive Blessings All Men A. Righteousness Of God, Unsearchable Riches Eph.3:8 CLOSE: STRIKES AT HUMAN PRIDE (HUMILITY)

Romans 3:25-26

January 9, 2022 • Pastor John Wilson

INTRO. LAST MESSAGE ‘PROPITIATION’ MERCY SEAT HEB. 9:5 A. vs 25 Hilasterion Septuagint = Avert Wrath Of God B. “By His Blood, Through Faith” Called Grace Ro.5:8 I. vs 25 DEMONSTRATE GOD’S RIGHTEOUSNESS COL.1:19-20 A. First Things First “All The Fullness” Deity Of Jesus 1. Heb.10:5-7 “A Body You Have Prepared For Me” 2. The Only Acceptable Sacrifice For Sin B. Second: Specifically The Blood Of Jesus Christ 1. “Justified…We Have Peace With God…” Thru Cross 2. Jesus Satisfied The Demand Of God’s Holiness 3. He Was The Sinless Lamb Of God Jn.1:29 4. Established A Covenant With Believers Mk.14:23-25 5. Reconciliation Available To All ”Reconcile All…” A. Reconcile = Reestablish Relationship, Resolve 6. Remission Heb.9:22 By Blood Loosing From Penalty A. Covering For Sin B. Atonement For Human Beings C. Release From Bondage Ro.6:14 X Like Chains D. Not Perfection But Power To Overcome Gal.5:16 7. Cancels Our Debt Col.2:13-14 II. vs 25 PASSED OVER SINS IN OT. HOW IS THAT FAIR? A. ‘Forbearance’ Holding Back Flood Ro.2:4-5 Promissory B. Withheld Until Promised Final Provision X Already But Not Yet .George Ladd Rev.13:8 CLOSE: vs 26 JUSTIFIER OF ONE WHO HAS FAITH JN.1:11-12