Christ Made Perfect

Hebrews 5:7-9

June 6, 2021 • Pastor John Wilson

INTRO. - HEB.5:7-9 - CONFUSION OVER THIS TEXT A. The Greek Removes The Confusion I. PERFECTION OF JESUS > SUFFERING/OBEDIENCE A. ‘Perfect’ To Us Means Pure/Sinless B. Gk. Teleios = Purpose Fulfilled/Complete X Seed Of Sequoia, Sequoia Is The Teleios X Man Is The Teleios Of A Boy B. Jesus Was Teleios Of God’s Plan II. GLIMPSE OF HIS AGONY AS NEARS HIS ‘TELEIOS’ A. Great Agony& Distress Of Soul - Lk.22:41-44 B. Can We Fathom His Suffering In Obedience? 1. Worshipped By Angels, Mocked By Men 2. Crowned With Glory Now With Thorns 3. Robed In Righteousness, Robe Of Ridicule 4. Sinless God/Man Counted Among Sinners 5. Creator Of All, Nailed To A Cross C. Agony Of Soul, Could He Complete Task? III. WHAT WAS HIS PURPOSE? A. Identify With Us/You - Heb.2:11, Heb.4:15 1. Sympathize With Us - Is.53:11 ‘Sorrows’ B. Conquered Death For Us - Heb.2:9, I Cor.15:57 1. Nature = Instinct To Survive 2. Fear What Is Unknown/Beyond C. Lead Us Into Presence Of Father - Heb.2:10 CLOSE: RESPONSE? FAITH, WORSHIP, OBEDIENCE

More from The Cross

The Blood and Cross

May 2, 2021 • Pastor John Wilson

INTRO. - I PET.1:18-19, HEB.9:22, I. World Rejects Message Of Christ - I Cor.1:18 A. Humanism > Innate Goodness Of Man 1. Deny Redemptive Necessity 2. Rely On Science, Philosophy, Government. X See Where Going Without Trusting God B. Pagan Spirituality: 1. Perverts Principle Of Blood & Sacrifice 2. Seeks Favor Of Spirits For Self 3. Blood For Curses And Manipulation II. CHRISTIAN MESSAGE - I PET.1:18-19, EPH.2:8-9 A. Redemption By Grace > Cross - Col.1:19-20 1. Meets Need Of Regeneration - Jn.3:7 2. Meets Need Of Forgiveness - John 5:20 3. New Life, New Nature - II Pet.1:4 B. New Life Is Not… 1. In A Vacuum But In The World - Jn.17 2. Not Ethics But Is Ethical 3. Not Law But Fulfills The Law 4. Not Reformation But Transforms All C. All This Because Of The Cross III. WHAT HAPPENED ON THE CROSS? A. Fruit Of Sin Was Manifest, Hideous - Ro.6:23 1. Law And Mercy Met There B. Jesus Paid The Penalty For Believers C. Who Crucified Jesus? CLOSE: CROSS OFFENDS MANY BUT IT IS A SIGN A. Go To The Cross

The Offense of the Gospel

February 7, 2021 • Pastor John Wilson

INTRO. PAUL > I COR.2:2; I COR.1:18, 22-25 A. Jews - Gal.3:13 - Scandalon B. Jews Trusted In Ritual, Ceremony, Law C. Cross, Christianity Still Offends D. Three Main Reasons Of Its Offense I. EXPOSES HUMAN DEPRAVITY (SINFULNESS) A. World Sees Man Differently - Is.5:20 B. Cross Reveals Sin & Law - Ez.18:20 C. Cross Judgment Of Sin & Hope For Sinner 1. Cross Still Offends World Today ??? II. CROSS REJECTS REWARDS OF WORLD A. Lk.18 > Epitome Of Success - Phil.3:7 1. Not About Wealth But His Priority ??? B. All Want To Be Successful 1. $$, Popular, Attractive, Independent C. Jesus Asks: What Is In Between You & Him? III. JESUS & THE CROSS IS THE ONLY WAY - JN.14:6 A. Offends At Deepest Level Pride, Exclusive B. Many Churches Abandon Truth, Tolerance X Rome Most Tolerant Not For Christians C. America Today Is Much Like Rome Was Then CLOSE: TIME TO BE WATCHING, EXCITED, LIVE IT A. What Do You Believe? B. Time To Decide.

The Shadow of the Cross

January 3, 2021 • Pastor John Wilson

INTRO. AROUND THE WORLD THERE IS THE CROSS A. Symbol Of Help, Hope, Welcome B. Makes Churches/Christians Vulnerable C. Let’s Track The Cross Together I. JESUS LIVED IN THE SHADOW OF HIS CROSS A. Rev.13:8 - Before Creation > No Surprise 1. Ordained Before In The Godhead B. Ot Foreshadowed The Cross Of Christ 1. Ps.22, Is.53 - Heb.12:18-21 - Picture Of Sinai C. Ex.19:12-16 - Sinai = Seriousness Of Sin II. WORLD LIVES IN SHADOW OF THE CROSS A. Since That Day World Never The Same B. History Proves Significance & Response; 1. Relegate To ‘Religion’ > Dismiss 2. Some Reject As Object Of Scorn (Actively) X 900,000 Martyrs Since Year 2000 X Number Persecuted Unknown Higher X 9488 Bombed, Burned Or Bulldozed 3. Some Resist Truth “All Deserve Death” 4. Some Receive Remedy > Personal Faith X Remedy - Nu.21:8, Jn.3:14-15 III. WE LIVE TODAY IN SHADOW OF THE CROSS A. All Respond Personally One Way Or Other B. Ro.5:8 - God Demonstrates His Love C. Ii Cor.5:21 - Jesus Took Our Place