Your Identity Is Not What You Think

November 4, 2018 • William Sharples

Identity is a hot topic in the Christian world right now, really in the entire world. Culture and religion has dictated much of who we are and who we identify ourselves as. However, we have gotten so lost in the rules and the pride of a label that we have completely missed the reality of who we are as individuals. What God says about us is who we are. It’s time to stop fussing about the buckets and start bringing others to the living water.

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This week in our series “When Good People Make Bad Choices” Pastor Larry talks about how we can either expose people’s issues through gossip or we can cover them in prayer. Noah had a day that was seemingly abnormal for him and one son exposed the mess while the other 2 covered their father. We have the very same choice with every piece of information that comes to us. Which will you choose? Take a listen to this week’s message to hear new revelation on an age old topic, gossip.

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