A Tapestry Of Garce

August 5, 2018 • Pastor Matt Flanders

If you can believe, all things can work together for your good. Sometimes we find ourselves in a mess. Typically made by our own choices, but God says that He will work all things out for our good. His grace is sufficient.

What is Your Life Speaking

December 16, 2018 • Pastor Larry Dugger

Jesus from Mary’s point of view. Have you ever stopped to really relish in the wonder of Jesus’s conception and birth? What Mary might have gone through as a pregnancy virgin? There is no account of her complaining or hiding, but she is quoted to have said that she was blessed from what the Mighty One had done for her. Her life spoke something far greater than her circumstances in that moment. What is your life speaking? Take a listen to this message to hear more on the impact that Jesus and Mary had even while He was still in her womb.

Crowning 2018 With Abundance

December 12, 2018 • Pastor Matt Flanders


December 9, 2018 • Pastor Larry Dugger

Peace, something we post on our walls as a decoration this time of year, but seems to be rare to find in the atmosphere of our homes. In this message Pastor Larry touches on the top 3 areas that we need peace in our lives. When we find peace with God, peace with ourselves and peace with others we enjoy our lives and find freedom to walk in our true calling.