September 9, 2018 • Pastor Larry Dugger

We are living stones that are growing and maturing into the nature of Christ Jesus. Stones are different than bricks in that they have abnormalities and are not made from the same mold. Stones are all different. As believers we are allowed to keep our personality as long as we are developing the character of Christ. For more on this topic take a listen to this message.

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Don't Break The Hedge

November 18, 2018 • Pastor Larry Dugger

So often we get our own feathers ruffled at situations when it simply might be that we opened a spot in our hedge. A few degrees off can cause an opening and a few degrees of correction can repair the gap. Take a listen to this week’s message on more about how to keep your hedge up and the snake out.

Enter To Win No Purchase Necessary

November 14, 2018 • Pastor Kevin Ranfeld

The Beginning Of A Beginning

November 11, 2018 • Pastor Larry Dugger

A new beginning is something we all find ourselves longing for at some point in this journey called life. God is capable of creating something new in our lives when we surrender our stubbornness and trust him. In this message you will be given a list of God’s characteristics that encourage us when we are seeking a new beginning. Pastor Larry also reminds us that the condition of the road that we are on has nothing to do with the final destination. For more on this topic take a listen to this week’s message.