Summer 2018 | A - E

Afangideh, Uduak - DeMEstify

July 6, 2018 • July 6, 2018

Uduak Afangideh, Department Chair for the Department of Natural and Physical Sciences at Faulkner University, who also has a counseling practice, Afangideh Therapy, discussed the upcoming DeMEstify seminars at two Montgomery churches: Landmark Church on July 14, 2018 and Gracepointe Church on July 28.  The seminars, oriented toward adults (including parents), deal with teens and mental health issues.  Learn more at www.thealabamatherapist.org.

Alexander, Rachel - The Stream (Kavanaugh hearings)

September 7, 2018 • September 7, 2018

Rachel Alexander, Senior Editor for The Stream and former Assistant Attorney General for the State of Arizona, provided analysis of the hearings before the Senate Judiciary Committee for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.  The Stream website is www.thestream.org.

Alexander, Rachel - The Stream (Supreme Court)

July 6, 2018 • July 6, 2018

Rachel Alexander, Senior Editor for The Stream, discussed some of the potential nominees for the position on the U.S. Supreme Court vacated by retiring justice Anthony Kennedy, just before President Trump's announcement of the nominee on July 9, 2018.  The website is www.thestream.org.

Anderson, Curt - Every Moment Vol. II ***CBA UNITE***

July 23, 2018 • July 23, 2018

International Christian musical artist Curt Anderson, just after an event at which he shared music and led worship at CBA UNITE 2018, visited the Faith Radio/Meeting House broadcast center to discuss his ministry and music, including the project, Every Moment Vol. II. His website is www.curtandersonmusic.com.

Barnes, Kenneth - Redeeming Capitalism

July 5, 2018 • July 5, 2018

Kenneth Barnes, who serves as the Mockler-Phillips Chair at Gordon-Conwell Theologial Seminary, as well as a tutor of Theology & Religious Studies at Oxford, shared insight into capitalism, approaching it from a Christian worldview perspective, and discussing how a moral component can integrate into the system.  Learn more at www.redeemingcapitalism.org.

Barnett, Kristen - The Bug Who Thought He Lost His Buzz

September 12, 2018 • September 12, 2018

Kristen Barnett, who spent a number of years volunteering in a children's oncology ward in a hospital, discussed a new book series she has launched, called, Watts Bugging You, offering perspective for children on tough situations.  The first book is entitled, The Bug Who Thought He Lost His Buzz.  The website address is www.wattsbuggingyou.com.

Bethea, Mark + Paul, Corey + Rembert, Dewayne - Team Night (FBC/Montgomery)

August 30, 2018 • August 30, 2018

Mark Bethea, Associate Pastor for Outreach and Evangelism at First Baptist Church of Montgomery, rapper Corey Paul, and Dewayne Rembert, Founder of Flatline Movement discussed Team Night at First Baptist on September 16, 2018.  Corey Paul joined the conversation to share a portion of his testimony of coming to Christ and how he ministers in the Houston, TX area.  Find out more at www.montgomeryfbc.org/teamnight.

Bertram, Robin - Women in Christian Media {Hidden Treasures}

August 23, 2018 • August 23, 2018

Author and speaker Robin Bertram, Vice President of Media Relations for Christian Women in Media, related about God's faithfulness in the midst of a life-threatening illness, providing the inspiration for her book which she discussed, Hidden Treasures: Finding Hope at the End of Life’s Journey.  Her website is www.robinbertram.tv.

Bird, Brian - When God Calls the Heart at Christmas

September 21, 2018 • September 21, 2018

Brian Bird, co-creator and one of the executive producers of the Hallmark Channel series, When Calls the Heart, shared about the concept and content of the devotional book, co-written with Michelle Cox, called, When God Calls the Heart at Christmas: Heartfelt Devotions from Hope Valley. Learn more at www.whengodcallstheheart.com.

Black, Stephen - First Stone Ministries {Freedom Realized}

August 21, 2018 • August 21, 2018

Stephen Black, Executive Director of First Stone Ministries and author of Freedom Realized: Finding Freedom from Homosexuality and Living A Life Free from Labels, reported on a new study that showed that a significant percentage of people seeking true freedom in Christ from homosexuality or same-sex attraction discovered that freedom.  He also addressed other matters relative to the LGBT agenda.  Find out more at www.firststone.org or www.freedomrealized.org.

Blanca - Shattered

September 17, 2018 • September 17, 2018

Christian musical artist Blanca discussed her new album, Shattered, and shared about personal events that she has faced, as well as God’s faithfulness to her through difficult times.  Learn more at www.officialblanca.com.

Bozack, Michael - Auburn University {Street-Smart Advice}

August 20, 2018 • August 20, 2018

Michael Bozack, a professor of physics at Auburn University, shared some information about himself, as well as his book, Street-Smart Advice to College Students from a Professor's Point of View.  Learn more at his website at www.mikebozack.com.

Brodsky, Jeff - Joy International {The Least of These}

September 17, 2018 • September 17, 2018

Jeff Brodsky, the founder of the ministry of Joy International and author of The Least of These: One Man's Remarkable Journey in the Fight Against Child Trafficking, discussed aspects of human trifficking and his decision to walk barefoot in order to bring awareness to this activity.  Learn more at www.joy.org.

Burnham, Gracia - Ethnos360 {Voice of the Martyrs Advance Conference }

July 16, 2018 • July 16, 2018

One of the speakers for the Advance Conference at Montgomery's First Baptist Church on July 21, 2018, presented by Voice of the Martyrs, Gracia Burnham of Ethnos360 (formerly New Tribes Mission), shared her heart for missions, as well as her story of being kidnapped in the Philippines, along with her husband; he lost his life in a rescue attempt.  Free registration is available at www.vomadvance.com. Her site is www.graciaburnham.org.

Cambron, Kristy - Luke & Acts (verse mapping)

July 24, 2018 • July 24, 2018

Author Kristy Cambron discussed the concept of "verse mapping," as expressed in the Bible study books, Luke: Gathering the Goodness of God's Word and Acts: Feasting on the Abundance of God's Word.   Learn more at www.kristycambron.com.