Alexander, Rachel - The Stream (Gay & Transgender School Curriculum)

December 28, 2018

December 28, 2018

Rachel Alexander, Senior Editor of The Stream, discussed a gay-friendly, transgender-friendly curriculum that separates the concept of "gender" from "biological sex," as well as promoting multiple genders (other than male and female), which has been implemented at a Phoenix private school.  The article can be found at www.thestream.org.

Alexander, Rachel - The Stream (Supreme Court hearings)

October 3, 2018 • October 3, 2018

Rachel Alexander, Senior Editor for The Stream and former Assistant Attorney General for the State of Arizona, provided analysis on the continuation of the hearings of Judge Brett Kavanaugh for U.S. Supreme Court, including the allegations made against him.  The Stream website is www.thestream.org.

Allen, Jeff - Make Comedy Great Again

November 28, 2018 • November 28, 2018

Christian comedian Jeff Allen, who has been involved in a number of projects, including the Gaither Homecoming, a Presidential Inauguration, the "Make Comedy Great Again" tour, and the video presentations, Apostles of Comedy and Thou Shalt Laugh, shared about his comedy, how his faith in Christ has influenced it, and more.  Learn more at www.jeffallencomedy.com.

Amaral, Joe - Story in the Stars

November 1, 2018 • November 1, 2018

Author, former teaching pastor, and television host, Joe Amaral, founder of the Christian Research Group, discussed his book, Story in the Stars: Discovering God’s Design and Plan for Our Universe, highlighting his observations in the heavens that point to God as Creator and to His redemption story.  His website is www.christianresearchgroup.com.