Ep. 1 - Renewing the cycles of the mind

Pastor Marjorie Martinez

When you were born again, the bible tells us that all things were made new. Now we have to learn to live life through this brand-new spirit so that we can walk in God's purpose for our lives and live the abundant life Jesus promised that is full of blessings and promises.

Ep. 2 Resetting the Mind to the Real You

Pastor Marjorie Martinez

God has put everything you will ever need on the inside of you so that you can overcome in this natural world.

Ep. 3 The Mind of the Flesh

Pastora Marjorie Martinez

There are strongholds that start with thoughts that you meditate on and then go into reasoning. At this point, your meditation is putting these thought patterns into your subconscious mind.

Ep. 4 Your Heart Soul

Pastor Marjorie Martinez

When Jesus talks about the heart in Mark 7:20-23 he refers to a way of thinking, a fleshy way of thinking that is ingrained in the soul because it was shaped by sin and the ideologies of the world. Many times, you don't realize that you are thinking thoughts of darkness (thoughts of the flesh) because you have been so programmed to think this way.