Refuel Moment 6/5/24


June 5, 2024 • Nathan Finsel • John 10:10

Today's Refuel scripture comes from John 10:10. In it we explore the growth principle of staying connected to a rich relationship with God.

Refuel Moment 6/12/24

June 12, 2024 • Nathan Finsel • Colossians 2:6–7

Today's Refuel Moment passage comes from Colossians 2:6-7. In it Paul reminds us that our spiritual growth continues where it begins: with Grace. Let us dive in to the Word together.

Refuel Moment 5/29/24

May 29, 2024 • 1 Peter 2:1–3

Today's Refuel scripture passage comes from 1 Peter 2:1-3. Today we continue our discussion on Spiritual Growth and learn from the physical development of newborn a simple growth principle: we must seek that which nourishes our development.

Refuel Moment 5/22/24

May 22, 2024 • Nathan Finsel • John 3:22–30

Today's Refuel Passage comes from John 3:22-30. In it we hear of John's growth in faith as he submits to the glory of Jesus ministry in the world. Lets dive in and see what we might learn for our walk with God.