Refuel Moment 5/31/23


May 31, 2023 • Nathan Finsel • Psalm 107:13–14

Todays Refuel passage comes from Psalm 107: 13-14.

Today's passage is about moving from a Powerless Situation to being empowered by God through his Power.

Refuel Moment 9/20/23

September 20, 2023 • Nathan Finsel • Esther 4:13–17

Today's Refuel Moment comes from Esther 4:13-17. Today we explore the source of incredible bravery and strength of Esther and how she prepared to do hard things in life.

Refuel Moment 9/13/23

September 13, 2023 • Nathan Finsel • Romans 12:2

Today's Refuel Moment dives into Romans 12:2. In it we are discussing the where we get our baseline for our daily walk with God. Lets refresh and seek God in His Holy Word.

Refuel Moment 9/6/23

September 6, 2023 • Nathan Finsel • Luke 15:11–32

Today's Refuel passage comes from Luke 15:11-32. This well know passage known as the parable of the Prodigal son has powerful wisdom about God the Father. I particular The LOVE of the Father. I pray you enjoy and bath in His love today.