The Gospel of Mark

Jesus, The Servant King

Believe it or Not

October 11, 2020 • Bill Young

In the last 12 verses of the gospel of Mark, the writer warns us about the foolishness of unbelief and encourages us to genuinely believe the good news about Jesus. As we conclude Mark’s gospel, we will take a deeper look at biblical belief and discover that there are incredible implications for our lives today. Part 51 The Gospel of Mark Series Believe it or Not (Mark 16:9-20) Pastor Bill Young October 10 & 11, 2020 Draper

Living in Light of the Resurrection

October 4, 2020 • Bryan D. Edwards

The empty tomb gives Believers confidence that our eternal life is secure. It also gives our lives a whole new purpose as resurrection Believers. In this message, we'll see that God’s purposes for our lives (in light of the resurrection) are larger than life! Part 50 The Gospel of Mark Series Living in Light of the Resurrection (Mark 16:1-8) Pastor Bryan D. Edwards October 3 & 4, 2020 Draper

The Burial of The King

September 27, 2020 • Caleb Yetton

The burial of Jesus is an important event that can easily get skimmed over, between the crucifixicion and resurrection. In this section of Mark, we’ll see not only what happened to His body, but how different people responded to Jesus, even in this dark hour. Part 49 The Gospel of Mark Series The Burial of The King (Mark 15:42-47) Pastor Caleb Yetton September 26 & 27, 2020 Draper

The Death of Jesus

September 20, 2020 • Bryan D. Edwards

In this message, we'll look at the death of Jesus Christ. We will see that on the cross, the most monumental event in history took place. The significance of it impacts the life of every person who has ever lived. Part 48 The Gospel of Mark Series The Death of Jesus (Mark 15:33-41) Pastor Bryan D. Edwards September 19 & 20, 2020 Draper

Responding to Jesus

September 13, 2020 • Bill Young

In the last few hours of Jesus’ earthly life, there were many people who interacted with Him. Some were abusive and mocked Him mercilessly. Some followed the crowd, while others followed Jesus into Paradise. In this section of verses, we will examine four different responses to Jesus as He was crucified. You might be surprised at which type of response you relate to the most. Part 47 Gospel of Mark Series Responding to Jesus (Mark 15:16-32) Pastor Bill Young September 12 & 13, 2020 Draper

The Scapegoat

September 6, 2020 • Josh Whitney

In this part of our study of the Gospel of Mark, we take a look at Jesus' trial before Pilate. Why did the crowd turn on Jesus? Did He fail to meet their expectations? That situation has application for us today. Jesus truly is our scapegoat, offering Himself so we can go free. Part 46 Gospel of Mark Series The Scapegoat (Mark 15:1-15) Pastor Josh Whitney September 5 & 6, 2020 Draper

Spiritual Decline in the Fast Lane

August 30, 2020 • Bryan D. Edwards

If there was ever a person who had the utmost confidence and assurance in their devotion to Jesus, it would have been Peter. Yet, in these verses, he vehemently denies his loyalty to the Lord. Not just once, but three times. What led to such a rapid spiritual decline? Were there warning signs? In this sermon, we'll look at five things that ultimately contributed to Peter’s failure. Part 45 The Gospel of Mark Series Spiritual Decline in the Fast Lane (Mark 14:66-72) Pastor Bryan D. Edwards August 29 & 30, 2020 Draper

Trial by Design

August 23, 2020 • Bill Young

As we study Mark’s account of the last days of Jesus’ life, it may seem that Jesus was a passive actor in these events. He was led away to the high priest, taken to Pilate and delivered over to be crucified. But, in reality, we know that those events were by design and occurred to fulfill Scriptures. Those events saved us from our sins. In this message, we will learn that Jesus endured injustice at the hands of sinful men because He loved us, not because events were beyond His control. Part 44 The Gospel of Mark Series Trial by Design (Mark 14:53-65) Pastor Bill Young August 22 & 23, 2020 Draper

The Betrayal

August 16, 2020 • Josh Whitney

In this part of our study, we take a look at the betrayal and arrest of Jesus Christ. From the life of Christ, we see that to truly love people is to be vulnerable. But, we can rest in the Lord's control in the midst of very challenging circumstances. Part 43 Gospel of Mark Series The Betrayal (Mark 14:43-52) Pastor Josh Whitney August 15 & 16, 2020 Draper

Jesus in the Garden

August 9, 2020 • Steele Croswhite

This part of our series is a very special set of verses. They are a culmination of all human history and all of Scripture coming to the place where Jesus is going to shed His blood. In these verses, Jesus’ bloodshed begins. The scene is very dark, as we are within hours of the execution (the crucifixion) of Jesus Christ. Part 42 Gospel of Mark Series Jesus in the Garden (Mark 14:32-42) Pastor Steele Croswhite August 8 & 9, 2020 Draper

Peter’s Self-Reliance

August 2, 2020 • Caleb Yetton

In this part of our Mark series, we'll look at Jesus and His disciples heading to the Mount of Olives for the last time. Jesus tells His followers that they're all going to desert Him in His final hours. Peter and the others have a strong reaction to this warning. We'll see God's sovereign hand in the midst of difficulty and how we can be easily and dangerously deceived by self-reliance. Part 41 Gospel of Mark Series Peter’s Self-Reliance (Mark 14:27-31) Pastor Caleb Yetton August 1 & 2, 2020 Draper

Extraordinary Love

July 19, 2020 • Bryan D. Edwards

In this section of verses, we see an extraordinary act of worship (done by the hands of Mary). We’ll look at three things we can learn from her. Part 39 The Gospel of Mark Series Extraordinary Love (Mark 14:1-11) Pastor Bryan D. Edwards July 17 & 18, 2020 Draper

Judas and Jesus

July 26, 2020 • Steele Croswhite

The life of Judas is sobering to the true Believer. It proves to us that there will be many who claim to know God, but when pressed, look for a reason or opportunity to betray Christ. The life of Jesus is comforting because we know that all things work within His plan. Jesus came to live the perfect life — one that we could not live. He came to die the death that we deserve — so we could have the peace of God while on this earth. We also have the hope of the greatest eternity, the greatest party, that has ever happened, waiting in our future. Part 40 Gospel of Mark Series Judas and Jesus (Mark 14:12-26) Pastor Steele Croswhite July 25 & 26, 2020 Draper

Signs of The End, Part Three

July 12, 2020 • Bill Young

Many people have tried – and failed – to predict the exact timing of the end of the world using the Bible. However, in doing so they have missed the point (and the day)! Jesus didn’t give us the signs of the end in Mark 13 so that we could be experts in eschatology. He tells us what to look for so that we will be READY no matter when Jesus actually returns. In this message we’ll examine three things Jesus says about the timing of the end. Mark series, part 38 Mark 13:28-37 “Signs of the End”, part 3 Pastor Bill Young July 11 & 12, 2020

Signs of The End, Part Two

July 5, 2020 • Josh Whitney

In Mark 13, Jesus addresses His disciples in what is known as the Olivet Discourse. Spurred on by the their questions, Jesus reveals key prophetic signs regarding the future. He warns about the abomination of desolation, false prophets and cosmic signs. As we study this teaching from Jesus, we see the importance of being on guard against false teachings while joyfully preparing for the return of Jesus. Part 37 The Gospel of Mark Series Signs of The End — Part 2 (Mark 13:14-27) Pastor Josh Whitney July 4 & 5, 2020 Draper Online Only