Have a Brilliant Christmas!

David R. Stokes • December 24, 2017

"One day, when Jesus was just a few weeks old, a stranger--an old guy--approached Mary and asked if he could hold her baby. And she let him! In this final message from the Christmas series 'BRILLIANT,' Pastor David Stokes tells us why she trusted him--and much more."

The Messiah and the Menorah

David R. Stokes • December 17, 2017

Our Jewish friends and neighbors are currently celebrating Hanukkah. But did you know that Jesus once spoke at a Hanukkah observance?

Be Brilliant

David R. Stokes • December 10, 2017

John the Baptist never started a movement. He never made any money. He never wrote a book. But he was BRILLIANT.

Let There Be Light

David R. Stokes • December 3, 2017

"The more you study the things of God, the more you realize that the concept of LIGHT is essential to our understanding about Him—who He is and what He has done, and is doing."