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Dealing With Desperation!

Mike Zizolfo • February 5, 2017

Desperate times call for desperate measures. People who are desperate will go to extremes to get whatever it is they're hoping to attain. Desperation often has a way of revealing what you truly believe and where your values are.

Three Essential Steps Toward Hope & Healing

David R. Stokes • January 29, 2017

When life hurts, we feel overwhelmed. We have little energy for complicated strategies. But maybe we can act on three simple principles. They are a great place to start!

Can Grief Ever Be Good?

David R. Stokes • January 22, 2017

Lucy said it to Charlie Brown. Charlie Brown also said it to himself—all the time. “GOOD GRIEF.” Which begs the question: “CAN GRIEF EVER BE GOOD?” The answer is: Yes, absolutely! But only if we learn how to grieve in a way described in the scriptures.

Help for Heavy Hands & Hurting Hearts

Ed Holland • January 15, 2017

It's inevitable that we will encounter hurt and pain in life. Pastor Ed Holland, Pastor Stokes' brother-in-law, brings an insightful look at how to help those going through hurt and pain and how we can help ourselves get through hurt and pain.

Joe And His Bros

David R. Stokes • January 8, 2017

The single greatest short-circuit to healing when we get hurt is the refusal to learn how to forgive those who have done us harm.

Reflections from a Roman Jail

David R. Stokes • January 1, 2017

Life hurts. There’s no way around it. Stuff happens. We get clobbered by circumstances. Hurting is not the rare exception, it’s the new norm. So, what do we do about it?