What's the Big Idea?

Soli Deo Gloria

Dr. Gerald Stokes • November 26, 2017

Solus Christus: Christ Alone

David R. Stokes • November 19, 2017

LUTHER vs. ZWINGLI: Sometimes disagreements between godly leaders has led to the establishment of new movements—even denominations. That’s not always a bad thing—especially if people are serious about Biblical interpretation. But it should never be about personality or mere preference.

Luther’s Inconvenient Truth

David R. Stokes • November 12, 2017

Luther’s AHA moment changed his life, as well as the course of history. The cry of the reformation became, “Sola Fide”—by faith alone. Faith is the way to access grace, “Sola Gratia”—by grace alone. Salvation is by GRACE through FAITH plus NOTHING.

Luther Nailed It!

David R. Stokes • November 5, 2017

If Martin Luther lived today, he might have used Twitter to get his message out. But then, that would have involved 170 separate Tweets. His bold act 500 years ago is commonly held to be the beginning of The Protestant Reformation. You may have heard about it. It was in all the Gutenberg papers. It still matters.