The 'S' Word

Learning to Serve in an Age of Entitlement

The 'F' Word

David R. Stokes • January 28, 2018

When it comes to being a servant of God, there is one quality God values above all. It may surprise you.

Dare To Be Different

David R. Stokes • January 21, 2018

Can you imagine starting a new venture at the age of 85? Caleb did. He was a survivor. He was a winner. He was a visionary. And he was a man of great faith. When he was in his 40s, he stood against the crowd. He dared to be different. And God blessed him for it.

Serving God in an Age of Entitlement

David R. Stokes • January 14, 2018

The scriptures clearly point to the fact the God wants us to be humble servants for His kingdom and glory. But pride gets in the way. We must fight our own egos every day in an effort to regularly follow Christ’s example when he, 'took upon himself the form of a servant.'

Resolve to Reinvent Yourself

David R. Stokes • January 7, 2018

I have an idea. Let’s all decide to make 2018 the year to completely reinvent ourselves—on God’s terms. Think of it. How cool would it be to be able to look back next year at this time and see some real personal growth?