Choose Joy

A Fresh Look at Paul's Letter to the Philippians

No Matter What

David R. Stokes • April 2, 2017

As we finish the series, CHOOSE JOY, I hope we all now know the difference between “happiness” and JOY. Happiness tends to depend on what is happening to us, or around us. Joy is something that works within us—in our hearts—no matter what.

The Book People

David R. Stokes • March 26, 2017

There are several publications using the title 'Who's Who'--biographical listings of important people in this or that sphere. God has a 'Who's Who' book, too. Are you in it?

Growth & Glory

David R. Stokes • March 19, 2017

The Apostle Paul was a spiritual giant, right? Yet, he reminded the church at Philippi that he wasn’t 'there' yet. He saw himself as an on-going work in progress.

Of Dogs and Dung

David R. Stokes • March 12, 2017

The Apostle Paul had the capacity for tenderness and diplomacy, but his default manner was to be blunt--sometimes brutally so.

The Ministry of Incarnation

David R. Stokes • March 5, 2017

Timothy was an introvert with a tendency to health problems. Epaphroditus was a charming and gregarious extrovert who enjoyed adventure. God uses all kinds of temperaments for His glory. He doesn’t want to destroy our unique personalities, rather He wants to sanctify them and infuse them with His power.

Go Ahead, Make My Day

David R. Stokes • February 26, 2017

We must model our Lord’s ATTITUDES and ACTIONS. Only then can we truly demonstrate authentic faith and spirituality before a watching world.

My Fellow Citizens...

David R. Stokes • February 19, 2017

As we continue to explore our capacity for real joy in this world of woe, our decisions must be made with ultimate values in mind. As we are changed, we can change our world.

Choose Joy

David R. Stokes • February 12, 2017

Centuries ago, a problem-solver named Nehemiah reminded God’s people in his generation, 'The joy​ of the Lord is your strength.' It's true. We're stronger when we're joyful. CHOOSE JOY.