Traveling Mercies

On the Road With Paul

The Perfecting Storm—Part Two

David R. Stokes • August 20, 2017

Sometimes the only way from point 'A' to point 'B' in our spiritual journey is through turbulence and trouble. The key factor in successful navigation through stormy weather is to find out what God is saying and to hold on to Him and His word.

The Perfecting Storm—Part One

David R. Stokes • August 13, 2017

Today we ride out a powerful Mediterranean storm with the Apostle Paul. Storms are part of God’s plan to grow our character and faith. They are Spiritual Intensives.

Game Of Thrones

David R. Stokes • August 6, 2017

Even when Paul was forced to talk about or defend himself, he found a way to make it all about Jesus.

The Preacher and the Politician

David R. Stokes • July 23, 2017

When the Apostle Paul was converted, he was commissioned to carry the gospel message to 'the Gentiles and their kings.' In Acts chapter 24, he begins his ministry to powerful people.

Hearing From God

David R. Stokes • July 16, 2017

Do you ever find yourself wanting to HEAR from God? Paul seemed to hear from the Lord just when he needed it most. But how? Pastor Stokes explains it all with today's practical message.

Good News, Bad News & Fake News

David R. Stokes • July 9, 2017

Paul has been warned many times about traveling to Jerusalem. But he is determined. He pushes through. He moves in the direction of the storm. He knows that being a “God-chaser” means you are also a “storm-chaser.

Finishing Your Race With Joy

David R. Stokes • June 25, 2017

As every sports fan knows, it’s how you finish the game that matters most. So it is with life, especially the life lived for God. Paul wanted to finish his race with joy, and we know from his last words years later that he faithfully did so. Today we’ll examine how we can finish our journeys with Jesus filled with that same joy, no matter how many years we have behind or in front of us.


David R. Stokes • June 18, 2017

It has been said that a truly committed Christian will be COMPLETELY FEARLESS, CONTINUALLY CHEERFUL, and CONSTANTLY IN TROUBLE. As we travel on the road with Paul this Summer, we'll learn much about how Christians can--and should--be in godly trouble.

Consternation At Corinth

David R. Stokes • June 11, 2017

This Sunday, Pastor Stokes will begin a Summer series completing a journey through the Book of the Acts of the Apostles. It will be a very practical series called, "Traveling Mercies: On the Road with Paul." The first message will be about how to overcome FEAR.