Between The Lines

The Inconspicuous Providence Of God

Days Of Purim

David R. Stokes • September 2, 2018

The Victor Mentality

David R. Stokes • August 26, 2018

When VICTIMS become VICTORS it can be a cause for rejoicing. But it's also important to remind ourselves that snatching victory from the jaws of defeat, while awesome, can also bring its own complications and sorrows. So we need the right VICTOR MENTALITY.


David R. Stokes • August 19, 2018

Even when we sense the tide is turning, we must remain focused and vigilant. Never spike the ball on the two-yard line. Never get ahead of God. D-Day, the Day of Deliverance, will come--in HIS time. And there is so much we can learn when victory is actually realized.

God Plays Chess

David R. Stokes • August 12, 2018

God doesn't play games, but He does play chess--for real. His providence governs every move on the board. The board is history. The players are people. The plan is His.

Defining Moments

David R. Stokes • August 5, 2018

All of us have faced critical times that have changed things and changed US. They are called DEFINING MOMENTS. They come in all shapes and sizes. Are you ready for the next one?"

But God...

David R. Stokes • July 29, 2018

A very evil man named HAMAN became Xerxes’ Prime Minister — the second most powerful man in the world about 479 B.C. His hatred for the Jews was deeply-rooted and fueled by generational enmity. He planned to do what Adolf Hitler tried to do 75 years ago — exterminate them. BUT GOD had other plans.

The Divine Conspiracy

David R. Stokes • July 22, 2018

Have you ever felt that the entire world seemed to be working against you? Well, actually there is a conspiracy--but it's a DIVINE one.

Pride And Providence

David R. Stokes • July 15, 2018

It's been said that 'God plays chess, while we play checkers.' As we begin a journey through the fascinating book of Esther this Summer, we're going to discover some fascinating things about how God works.