O Holy Night

Oh Happy Day

David R. Stokes • December 24, 2016

Every child is a promise. What will the baby grow to become? A great leader? A talented athlete? A person of character? A scoundrel? Jesus was a baby in Bethlehem—with his human life ahead of Him. We learn about some of that from the writers of the Gospels. But there is much more to come. Pastor Stokes will talk about this on Christmas Eve in a talk titled, 'OH HOLY NIGHT--OH HAPPY DAY.'


David R. Stokes • December 18, 2016

All of the events surrounding the incarnation—that first Christmas long ago—were catalysts for true worship. From Joseph’s faith, to Mary’s purity, to the Shepherds and their joy, it’s a story that should make us all want to fall on our knees.


David R. Stokes • December 11, 2016

Like a loved one who has passed on to heaven, but will always be young in our memory, so too many people prefer to see Jesus as a perpetual baby.

The Reason for the Reason for the Season

David R. Stokes • December 4, 2016

As we move through the Advent season, we will be looking at one of the great carols of the season, “OH HOLY NIGHT.” This inspiring song is rich in phrases and concepts that bear witness to the great truth about Christmas.