The Good Place

The Heaven-Driven Life

David R. Stokes • May 7, 2017

We’ve spent a couple of weeks reflecting on the reality of heaven—THE GOOD PLACE. Now it’s time to ask the question: How should this great doctrinal truth influence my life, here and now?

Forever Heaven

David R. Stokes • April 30, 2017

"Pastor Stokes continues THE GOOD PLACE with a look at what Heaven will be like after the second coming of Christ. It won't be a Heaven we go to, but a Heaven that come to us"

There’s Heaven, and then There’s Heaven

David R. Stokes • April 23, 2017

"I am going to share some in-depth thoughts I've never shared before in a sermon. You may be surprised-- but I think we'll all have a greater appreciation about our heavenly hope and home." - Pastor Stokes