Sure Thing

David R. Stokes

June 10, 2018

Living Biblically in the 21st century means to saturate our lives with God's thoughts and ways. Spiritual growth is not just about making us better people, it's about conforming us to His image. This means that there will be some tough lessons along the way. But anytime we trust God, we enter the zone of the 'SURE THING'.

How To Have A Beautiful Mind

David R. Stokes • June 24, 2018

Every great step in life requires thought. And more often than not, we're faced with the prospect of CHANGING OUR MINDS. It's not always easy, but there's no growth without it. CHANGE YOUR MIND, CHANGE YOUR WORLD. It all begins when we individually commit to developing A BEAUTIFUL MIND.

The Word of God - Handle with Care

David R. Stokes • June 3, 2018

Should you take the Bible literally? Pastor Stokes' answer may surprise you.