Great Commission Student Ministry

Daniel Arcilla

May 16, 2015 • Daniel Arcilla

Do you want to promote the health and longevity of your church? Invest in your teenagers. While your ministry context will vary, non-negotiable biblical elements must be present. Your student ministry is called to evangelize (make disciples of Christ), edify (teach the Words of Christ) and equip (obey the words of Christ), students who are ultimately challenged to engage in the work of Christian ministry. We will take a practical look at how to approach these goals by discussing the importance of biblical preaching, discipleship, mentoring and apprenticeship, recreation, and working alongside families.

A Vision For Reaching The Next Generation For Christ

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A Vision For Teaching Christ From The Old Testament

Tony Arnds, General Session 2 • May 16, 2015 • Tony Arnds

A Vision For Exalting Christ In Ministry Practice

Jeremy Jackson, General Session 3 • May 16, 2015 • Jeremy Jackson