Parenting Panel #1

May 14, 2022
10:00am - 12:00pm

Each quarter, ENCS Children and Family Ministries will sponsor an event geared toward equipping parents to grow in the areas of parenting and marriage. Our goal is to make space for us to gather and learn together so we can spur each other on toward the blessed calling of raising up our children in Jesus. This month, we invite you to a Parenting Panel on the topic of: "Family Discipleship: What Does it Look Like?" Come ask questions, share your experiences, and come ready to learn from each other in this area of parenting. This event is open to parents with children of all ages, anyone who wants to be a parent in the future, or has interest in learning about how to share this information with children. Layout for the morning: 1. Drop off your children at childcare (available via RSVP by 5/7 -see link below). 2. Introductions and expectations 3. Small group discussions & Prayer *The goal of this event isn't to cover all topics/issues/questions/stances on this overarching theme, but to encourage and support each other as parents on a journey.