Evergreen Institute Fall 2024

August 22 - December 12, 2024

Three courses to choose from!

Option 1: Fundamentals of Bible Study - Taught by Terri Willms

Fundamentals of Bible Study will help equip believers to effectively “dig and beg” in God’s Word using 20 Bible study tools to take you beyond just reading into a deeper understanding of God’s Word.

Course Requirements:

Prerequisite: None

Text: None; $20 fee to cover costs of notebook, tabs, and printed materials.

Format: Lectures, class discussion, weekly reading and homework

Requirements for credit: Weekly Reading Quizzes, Midterm exam, & Final Exam, No more than three unexcused absences.

Option 2: Old Testament Survey I - Taught by Dr. Rachel Cornelius

Old Testament Survey focuses on a broad understanding of the books of the Old Testament. This course covers the authors, origin, cultural settings, significance from Genesis through the poetic books, and how each book contributes to the message of the gospel.

Course Requirements:

Text: The Essence of the Old Testament: A Survey, Ed Hindson & Gary Yates

Format: Weekly quiz over the previous week’s material, lectures

Requirements for credit: Weekly reading quizzes 1-14, midterm exam, final exam, no more than 3 unexcused absences.

Option 3: Systematic Theology

Systematic Theology is a method of organizing key theological principles into a functional worldview. This class covers a broad range of subjects including the doctrines of God, Jesus (Christology), the Holy Spirit, Sin, and others.

Course Requirements:

Text: provided by Evergreen

Format: Regular quizzes, lectures, exams

Requirements for credit: Weekly reading quizzes 1-16, midterm exam, final exam, no more than 3 unexcused absences.