Acts: Living Out the Mission


Chris Rattay

As we walk through this Scripture together, it is wrong to read this in the attitude of: “let me just understand the theology of this passage and get some more mental clarity.” Instead we should ask Jesus to give us mental clarity and courage to believe that the same Spirit of God that is working here, is alive in us, and working all around us, and we should let this word challenge us to break the box we have put God into. Listen as Pastor Chris shares on the life of Philip, and how his attitude and belief in the world challenged what was possible.

Missional Generosity

Quen Cheng

Following Jesus means joining him on his mission of redeeming the world, working for holistic salvation, justice, and peace. And at its core, being missional means being that our lives are oriented towards others, not ourselves. This orientation towards other people shows up in every sphere of the believer’s life. And today we will tackle a big one: our possessions. Our finances. How do we think about our money? How should we think about our money? Listen as elder and guest speaker, Quen Cheng, shares God's vision for our finances and the ways we escape the entrapments pushed on us by the world.

On Prayer

September 12, 2021 • Chris Rattay

We battle evil in prayer. We sustain joy in prayer. We find hope and strength in prayer. We find insight and clarity in prayer. We win the battles in prayer. Prayer is the power to persevere in the Mission. Listen as Pastor Chris Rattay explains through Acts 4 and how vital prayer is as a Christian and why we must pray.

Have Courage

August 29, 2021 • Chris Rattay

Have you experienced, have you witnessed the risen Jesus? Has His Spirit filled you as he filled this community in Acts? We know that we are growing in love for Jesus as we are dying to fear what others think of our loyalty to Jesus. It is this spectrum that we are always moving on. On one end is a paralyzing fear of persecution, social abuse, hate speech, being stereotyped. But then Jesus forgives us, he heals us, he heals someone else through us and then we start moving away from fear into courage. Listen as Pastor Chris Rattay explains what living courageously and taking it on as a mission in our modern-day world.

The Purpose of Suffering

August 22, 2021 • Chris Rattay

Even Him?

August 15, 2021 • Kimberly Marshall • Acts 9:1–31

Three people, three different life stories, and three different experiences with the Holy Spirit, and none of the three had a typical "come-to-Christ" moment. If anything, to the outside person, it may seem like they were the least likely candidate for God to have picked. Listen as Kim Marshall speaks into each person's character and the hows and whys of God picking them and upending their lives to become a living testimony for His kingdom.

Living Out the Mission

August 8, 2021 • Chris Rattay • Acts 2:1–8

We have heard that word a lot this past year. 'Supremacy'. As people are trying to understand the chaos happening in our country, many people have pointed to the problem of white supremacy. What has been confusing is that that term carries different meanings depending on who is talking. But Jesus took Jewish zealots, Jewish extremists, and he took soldiers of the Roman oppressive regimen, if you keep reading, he converted them, transformed their sick thinking into the thinking of the kingdom of God. If Jesus had hope for and believed in these men, if Jesus persevered with them, while checking them, then we have no right to demonize them and give up ultimate hope for us and for those around us.