Purposefully Rejected

March 21, 2021 • Chris Rattay

The suffering [we] suffer is an important discussion to have because of the unique water we swim in as Americans. We are born and raised in comfortable idolatry. We have no idea how unique and obsessed we are with getting rid of pain and living in comfort. We actually believe this notion that I should be able to find a life that does not have any kind of suffering. There is nothing inherently wrong with not wanting to live a life of suffering - it is natural to desire a life with comfort. But there is a type of suffering that we are called to as Christians if we are to stay in the vine. Listen as Pastor Chris shares what it means to purposefully reject a life of comfortable idolatry and why we are called to live this way.

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Easter Service

April 4, 2021 • Chris Rattay

The disciples are living in their nightmare. Jesus has been dead for 3 days. Verse 19 says that it is evening, it is dark, and they are huddled together, in secret, behind locked doors, afraid - afraid because the people who hold all the power in their city are hunting them down. Those evil people just brutalized Jesus, tortured him, mocked him, and crucified him. So what happens next?

To Seek the Spirit

March 28, 2021 • Chris Rattay

**We're grateful to our sister church New Life for a copy of their recording of the message this week as they're in the same series as us.

To Abide

March 14, 2021 • Kathryn Cheng

Separation—that’s been the context for Jesus’ last words that we’ve been looking at the last few weeks, and that is the big context for what Jesus says here about abiding. Jesus is leaving. There is going to be physical separation. He’s been saying, I’m leaving, you can’t come. And the disciples don’t get it, and they keep asking, where are you going? How will we know the way? Listen as Kathryn Cheng, a member of Epicentre's preaching team speaks on abiding, of following rules and promises, and bridging the impossibility.