This Is Us

April 14, 2019 • Lawrence Huey

In preparation for Easter, and every day of our Christian life, Lawrence shares the heart of Jesus and the heart of the Kingdom in preparing the table for those who come to Him.

Displaced to Gain Jesus

October 13, 2019 • Chris Rattay

In order to initiate change, you need to displace yourself from what is safe and normal. How are you choosing to allow God to displace what is known and safe and normal? Listen as Pastor Chris shares his incredible testimony of a time in his life where he chose to be displaced by choice and how God opened up opportunities to listen.

Defeating Fear Through Telling Your Story

October 6, 2019 • Chris Rattay

In those moments where there is a choice, whose relationship is more important to you?

The Jesus-Centered Life

Courage & Compassion • September 22, 2019 • Chris Rattay

Without courage, there can be no compassion. In the face of fear, how do we live a Jesus-centered life?