Handling Rejection

July 29, 2018 • Stevan Milunovic • Becoming the Villain

How we deal with rejection powerfully impacts how we live out what God has placed before us and how we interact with others around us. Pastor Stevan brings us to look at the last days of Saul's life to examine how we can respond to the rejection we experience in our life.

Jesus's Revolution of the People, Pt. 2

John 9:1-7 • June 28, 2020 • Chris Rattay

How do you change the status quo? Where do you start and who do you begin with? Often, change is so entangled with judgment that we forget judgment isn't the end. It is merely a tool that is used to break down hearts and walls. Without repentance, it only brings pain and great suffering. Listen as Pastor Chris Rattay shares how Jesus chose to break the status quo followed with an opportunity for wrongdoers to repent, bringing a shalom-based change for the wronged and wrongdoers alike.

Jesus's Revolution of the People, Pt. 1

Luke 5:1-11 • June 21, 2020 • Chris Rattay

The foundation of oppression is untruth. People [within the church] are told and believe that they are less than human. That they will never measure up to the success of society, pitted against an invisible, unattainable goal by which their every being is measured against. But Jesus offers a different story, a new story, based wholly upon the fact that in the kingdom of God, every person is of the same value as the other. There is NO ONE greater than the other.

God's Heart for Systemic Change

June 14, 2020 • Chris Rattay

“As God sets up a nation of Shalom, He sets up a political system to serve people through fairness and justice. He sets up the economic system to serve people through shared wealth and generosity. He set up the religious system to worship him and obey Him. He also set up the system of the prophets so they would be the ones who would check all the systems so they could call those out who began to move away from God’s heart & values. We can see that God intended for all the systems to prioritize people over production. To prioritize people over money, people over excessive comforts.”