July 15, 2018 • Lawrence Huey

Continuing our series, Lawrence shares another one of King Saul's misstep and how we too can similarly become our own worst enemy. Learn how Saul lets his emotions consume him and how Scriptural wisdom guides us in how to navigate our emotions and actions.

Handling Rejection

July 29, 2018 • Stevan Milunovic

How we deal with rejection powerfully impacts how we live out what God has placed before us and how we interact with others around us. Pastor Stevan brings us to look at the last days of Saul's life to examine how we can respond to the rejection we experience in our life.

You Do You

July 22, 2018 • Lawrence Huey

In week 3 of this series we begin to see how jealousy takes over Saul. In our day and age we often struggle with something way more common. It may seem innocuous but perhaps this struggle may be even more damaging than jealousy. Listen in for some freedom and power in overcoming this common struggle.

Pressure Cooker

July 8, 2018 • Lawrence Huey

How do you fare under immense pressure? These next 4 weeks we're going to look at the life of King Saul, how he probably thought he was the hero in his story, and yet we read him often as a villain. What if we too, at times, become our own worst enemy? Listen in as we discover how pressure can squeeze us or how we can let God lead us.