Permission To Rest

Breathing Room Part 3 - May 28, 2017

May 28, 2017 • Ray Hammond

God created work and rest, and he intended them to compliment each other and bring us fulfillment. But it didn't take long for us to make work a burden and rest an afterthought. Now, we're so busy and so worried about falling behind that we can't even give ourselves the permission to rest. The good news? God already has. Discover the rest he has for us and how to receive it. YouVersion Bible app users can access the notes here: http://bible.com/events/223770


May 21, 2017 • Matt Keller

We're all busy. Our schedules are packed with career, family, friends, and other responsibilities. Sometimes our days are so full that we don't enjoy anything because we're trying to do everything. That's why we need margin. It gives us the space between the stuff that makes the stuff worthwhile. It gives the space to respond to what life brings our way. Discover room to breathe as guest speaker, Matt Keller (Lead Pastor of Next Level Church in Ft. Myers, FL), shares what it means to live with margin. YouVersion Bible app users can access the notes here: http://bible.com/events/220387

Breathing Room

May 14, 2017 • Mark Rouse

Ever feel like you can't catch your breath? Our lives are busy and fast-paced. The lack of margin increases our stress and shortens our tempers. It can distract us from the most important things in our lives, and our relationships suffer - including our relationship with God. But life is better when we create the space for what matters most. Discover the principles of breathing room. YouVersion Bible app users can access the notes here: https://www.bible.com/events/215565