Red Letter

A series on the words of Jesus.

See The One

Red Letter Part 6 - April 9, 2017 • April 9, 2017 • Mark Rouse

Treasure In Heaven

Red Letter Part 5 - April 2, 2017 • April 2, 2017 • Mark Rouse

Jesus never spoke against having material things, but he did say a lot about how to use them. As God has been generous to us, we are to be generous to others - not because we’re saved by good works, but because we are saved for good works. Good deeds make a difference in the lives of others and brings honor to Jesus. Discover how generosity leads us to a life of significance. YouVersion Bible app users can access the notes here: https://www.bible.com/events/196365

Fear Not

Red Letter Part 4 - March 26, 2017 • March 26, 2017 • Mark Rouse

Difficult times cause us to fear what might happen. We fear how long these storms of life will last and how bad they’ll get. This fear can even destroy our faith. It makes us think God isn’t with us or that we’re outside his purpose. But neither is true. The presence of a storm must never cause us to doubt the presence of Jesus. When we put our trust in him, it is possible to overcome fear with faith. YouVersion Bible app users can access the notes here: http://bible.com/events/190821

Love Your Enemies

Red Letter Part 3 - March 19, 2017 • March 19, 2017 • Mark Rouse

If there’s anyone it would seem safe to hate, it would be our enemies. It can even be enjoyable to pay them back for wronging us. But Jesus said we’re to love them. Seriously? Yeah, seriously. Why would he say that? And even if we took him seriously, how would we know where to start? Discover those answers and start resisting revenge. YouVersion Bible app users can access the notes here: http://bible.com/events/187102

Follow Me

Red Letter Part 1 - March 5, 2017 • March 5, 2017 • Mark Rouse

When Jesus walked the earth, his goal was not to create a new religion. His purpose was to call people into a real relationship with God. He did this with a simple invitation: "Follow me." Discover what it takes to answer his call and become a true disciple. YouVersion Bible app users can access the notes here: https://www.bible.com/events/180885

Judge Not

Red Letter Part 2 - March 12, 2017 • March 12, 2017 • Mark Rouse

Perhaps the most misunderstood words Jesus ever spoke were, “Judge not.” We tend to think this means he was saying we cannot share an opinion or identify what is right or wrong. But these words were aimed at hypocrisy - accusing others while excusing ourselves of the same thing. Discover why we judge, what Jesus had to actually say about judging, and how to judge correctly. YouVersion Bible app users can access the notes here: http://bible.com/events/182648