Light Of The World

A Christmas Series - 2018

Christmas at Epic

Light of the World - Part 4 • December 23, 2018 • Mark Rouse

How we see something informs what we understand about it. The same is true about God. Many people don't know God because they don't have a clear picture of who he is. But when we see him correctly, well, it changes everything. Discover the incomplete ways many view God and the true picture that brings him into perspective.

You Are the Light of the World

Light Of The World - Part 3 • December 16, 2018 • Ray Hammond

Jesus is the light of the world for those living in darkness. But sometimes it's easy to forget just how spiritually dark it is for those far from God. So he planned for his followers to share his light with the world. Discover how to be light to the world and bring people to Jesus.

Surviving The Darkness

Light Of The World - Part 2 • December 9, 2018 • Mark Rouse

Sometimes, life seems shrouded in darkness. Things happen far beyond our ability to endure. We become disoriented, and we wonder how we're going to make it. But even though we can't choose what happens to us, with God's help, we can choose how we respond to it. Discover how to survive the darkness.

I Am the Light of the World

Light Of The World - Part 1 • December 2, 2018 • Mark Rouse

For many, the Christmas season is complicated. It’s a reminder of broken relationships, unmet expectations and missed loved ones. But no matter your circumstances, Christmas can also be a reminder of the Light that overcomes the darkness. Discover how Jesus is the light of the world - and how to make him the light of your world.