Gospel of Matthew

Behold the Resurrection!

Matthew 28:1-15 • April 16, 2017 • Jason Carson

Matthew 28:16-20 “The Assignment”

Matthew 28:16-20 • April 9, 2017 • Jason Carson

Matthew 27:32-66 “The Day I Was Paid For”

Matthew 27:32-66 • April 2, 2017 • Sean Yaz

Matthew 27:1-31 “The One and Only King”

Matthew 27:1-31 • March 26, 2017 • Jason Carson

TOGETHER GROUP QUEST IONS Read Matthew 27:1-31. What is God’s Word saying to you in this passage? What is God’s heart for His people? Compare Peter to Judas. Both deeply regretted what they had done, but one took his life while the other went back to Jesus. Why the difference? What does it teach us about the difference between remorse and repentance? The mob that day yelled “Crucify,” not just “Kill him!” What is the difference between wanting someone dead and wanting someone crucified? Do your sins shout crucify louder than the mob that day? Read Colossians 2:13-15. What was happening as Jesus died and what were the results of His suffering? Barabbas was a murderer and a thief sentenced to death, until Jesus came and took his place. Jesus’ condemnation was Barabbas’ freedom. Describe how that is also your story. Pilate tried to do the right thing 5 different times, but still ended up going with the wrong solution (He said “I find no fault in him,” his wife warned him that he’s innocent and not to do it, he washed his hands of it, he stated Jesus wasn’t worthy of death, and he offered to punish Jesus and then release him). Pilate followed the easy way instead of the right way. How do we do the same thing? How is Jesus the King of Kings in your life? When is He a rival King (where you want Him to fix everything in your life), and when is He a convenient King (where you just want Him to make your life feel better)? List some practical ways in which Jesus can be the unrivaled, reigning, Savior King in your life.

MATTHEW 26-57-75 When the Rooster Crows...

MATTHEW 26:57-75 • March 19, 2017 • Jason Carson

Matthew 26:30-56 The Heavy Cup and the Mission

Matthew 26:30-56 • March 12, 2017 • Jason Carson

TOGETHER GROUP QUESTIONS Read Matthew 26:30-56. What is God’s Word saying to you in this passage? What is God’s heart for His people? If Jesus told your entire Together group, that you will all fall away on this very night, what would your response be? Would you agree, argue, question, or justify? Peter said he would “never” fall away, no matter what anyone else did, even if he had to die. Have you ever felt like this? Share about a time in your relationship with Jesus where you felt stronger than ever. Read 1 Cor. 10:12 and Romans 12:3. What does this say about your susceptibility in your faith? And then read 1 Peter 5:6-11. Discuss how you should approach your dealings with temptation and sin. Jesus agonized in the garden about the cup the Father had prepared for Him. It was a cup of suffering where Jesus would take the sins of the world upon Himself. We read that Jesus went to the Father 3 different times to see if there was any other way than to go through the cross. Why was it necessary? How has (Godly) suffering existed in your life? Describe some major things you have walked through in life, and what is currently going on that the Lord is calling you to suffer for Him?

MATTHEW 26-1-29 Plotting, Anointing, Betrayal, Communion

Matthew 26:1-29 • March 5, 2017 • Jason Carson

Read Matthew 26:1-29. What is God’s Word saying to you in this passage? What is God’s heart for His people?

The Judge is in the House

Matthew 25:31-46 • February 26, 2017 • Frank Winans

**TOGETHER GROUP QUESTIONS** 1. What is one thing that you remember from the message on Sunday that spoke to you? 2. How have you journeyed through trying to understand why God allows evil to exist on earth? Did the sermon on Sunday bring some clarity to your understanding of this topic, if so, how? 3. Read 2 Corinthians 5:17-21 Ephesians 2:8-9, how have we been reconciled to God and what happened so that God doesn't count our sins against us? 4. Read Matthew 25-31-46, on what basis are people divided into sheep and goats? How does our treatment of others speak to our beliefs, and character of who we really are? 5. If Jesus was to today and evaluate your life, what would he say about how you have "looked after" him by caring for others.

Faithfulness > Performance

Matthew 25:14-30 • February 19, 2017 • Jason Carson

The Parable of the Talents

Be Prepared

Matthew 25:1-13 • February 12, 2017 • Jason Carson

TOGETHER GROUP QUESTIONS Read Matthew 25:1-13. What is God’s Word saying to you in this passage? What is God’s heart for His people? In the parable of the 10 virgins, why do you think half of them came unprepared? The half that were unprepared figured they would have plenty of time to go out and get more oil before the bridegroom returned. What things (spiritually) do you put off for “another day” in your relationship with God? What areas of your life do you know you need to grow spiritually in, that you have been avoiding? Read 1 Peter 2:9-10 and 1 John 3:1-2. Discuss your identity in Christ. How does knowing these things affect the way you live? Your thinking? Your actions? Read Phil. 3:8-10. In your own words, how would you say you want to “know Christ more?” What are several ways we can be prepared for the Lord’s return? What “vital signs” should be happening and what should our spiritual temperature look like? What are some spiritual things you need to press into this week?

The End Is Near

Matthew 24:1-51 • February 5, 2017 • Jason Carson

Defeating Fear

1/29/17, John Blue • January 29, 2017 • John Blue

The Buck Stops Here #5: Woe Woe Woe

Matthew 23:1-39 • January 22, 2017 • Jason Carson

**Together Group Questions:** Read Matthew 23:1-39. What is God’s Word saying to you in this passage? What is God’s heart for His people? After reading through Matthew 23, what kinds of things characterized the Pharisees? Share about a time or season where you were going to church and “doing” mostly right things… but your heart was far from God. What caused your distance? What brought you back? When do you most feel like a hypocrite? What do you think God would say to that direct situation? What are some ways that we can specifically pursue abiding in Christ and being filled with the Spirit of God? If Jesus were here today in Southern California 2017, what might be some areas in the church that He would say “Woe” to, and challenge us to repent from? What is something you need to submit and surrender to God?

The Buck Stops Here #4: The Point

1/15/17, Matthew 22:34-46, Jason Carson • January 14, 2017 • Jason Carson

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Vision Sunday

1/8/17 • January 8, 2017 • Jason Carson