Laugh at the Devil

Norvel Hayes

Norvel Hayes

In this classic message by Norvel Hayes you'll learn how to get victory over your enemy.

Prophecy of Three Frog Spirits Dr Lester Sumrall shares a Prophetic Word for Today

What are these three frog spirits that will be released in the last days and how does it apply to you? In this classic message, Dr. Lester Sumrall shares a key prophetic word for today, and the age we are living in. This is more relevant than ever as a prophetic word for America. Continue to pray for and support the Lester Sumrall Evangelistic Association.

RW Shambachs End Time Prophecy Greatest Miracle He Ever Witnessed

RW Shambach, Shambach

RW Shambach shares the testimony of the greatest miracle he ever witnessed and a prophecy concerning church in the last days. Delivered at the 1990 Dominion Camp Meeting.

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