Done Book

Cary Schmidt

If God was willing to sit down with you personally and allow you to air your questions, reason through your doubts, and pose any challenge—would you take Him up on His offer? Would you be willing to investigate His claims and understand His purposes? Would you be willing to believe Him?

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Chapter 1 - More Than A Body

Done Book • Cary Schmidt

Why is it so important to know that you are more than just a body? Well, first of all, this means you have more than just death to anticipate! Think about it. If you’re nothing but a body, then all you really have to look forward to is death. How could anybody really be happy if that’s all the future holds?

Chapter 2 - The Only Two Religions in the World

Done Book • Cary Schmidt

How do you sift through all the religious “fluff ” and cut to the heart of the matter? How can you know truth from error—fact from fiction? The answer is more simple than you could ever imagine.

Chapter 3 - Knowing Where You are Going

Done Book • Cary Schmidt

Understanding the fact that you are more than a body leaves you with one nagging question. Where does the rest of me go when my body dies? Everybody has an opinion, but opinions aren’t the kind of thing on which you stake your eternal destination.