Grow - Spiritual Life 3.0

Group Leader: Jud Jordan

January 31, 2023
5:30 - 7:00pm

Learning how to live out and organize our lives around the spiritual disciplines (prayer, study, fasting, silence / solitude, worship, work and Sabbath) is essential for deep connection with Jesus rather than trying to squeeze Him into our already busy schedules. This course teaches what the spiritual disciplines are, how to do them and how to organize our lives around them through teaching and in-depth discussion. This is a more intensive teaching that requires reflective homework / practicing the skills at home. Requirements: * Must have completed Spiritual Life 1.0. * Although completion of Spiritual Life 2.0 is preferable, this does not necessarily mean you cannot register for the class. We simply ask you discuss your desire to be a part of this class with your group leader for future clarification. * Must have a serious and committed desire to order your lives more around Jesus.