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How to lead a volunteer team

Joel Preston and Tim Alford • January 5, 2020 • Joel Preston

Whether you are a paid employee, or a volunteer yourself, leading volunteer teams is a BIG deal in youth ministry. We've all experienced difficult team members who have caused negativity to spread through our teams. We've experienced the frustration of inconsistent attendance. We've all felt the stress caused by not having enough team members. But we've also experienced the joy of leading a fully-fired up kingdom dream team! In this episode, Joel Preston and Tim Alford discuss what it takes to lead the most fruitful and fun teams possible, and how to deal with the challenges when they arise.

Effective Preaching in a Youth Context - Part 2

Tim Alford and Ali Martin • December 5, 2019 • Ali Martin

In part two of their insightful conversation, Tim Alford chats with Soul Survivor's Ali Martin about effective preaching in a youth context. In the last episode Ali explained her process of preparation, this time she drills down into the delivery of a message. Ali reveals some common pitfalls that we must avoid, as well as some principles of best practice that will enable us all to become better communicators. FOR LEADERSHIP 101 VIDEO SERIES: youtube.com/limitlesselim FOR LOUD AND CLEAR SERIES: soulsurvivor.com/loudandclear

Effective Preaching in a Youth Setting - Part 1

Tim Alford interviews Ali Martin - Soul Survivor • November 7, 2019 • Ali Martin

How do you preach effectively to young people? Soul Survivor's Ali Martin joins us to discuss just that! This is an insightful look into Ali's process of preparation. She talks about resources, prayer, illustrations and reveals how she sets about structuring a talk. This pod is full of practical tips and incredible wisdom. Enjoy!

Hallmarks of a Healthy Culture - Part 2

Paul Friend and Tim Alford • October 14, 2019 • Paul Friend

Listen to Tim and Paul Friend, Director of South West Youth Ministries (SWYM), for the second part of their conversation about creating a healthy culture in our youth ministries. In this episode, Tim and Paul discuss the importance of prayer, reconciliation, accountability, serving and identifying blindspots as keys to cultivating a healthy culture. This is a rich and varied conversation that is sure to get you reflecting on your youth ministry.

Hallmarks of a Healthy Culture - Part 1

Paul Friend and Tim Alford • September 5, 2019 • Paul Friend

Tim sits down with Paul Friend, director of South West Youth Ministries (SWYM), for a chat about how to develop a healthy culture in our youth ministries. What is culture? How do we build and maintain a healthy culture where young people and teams flourish? And what is required of the leader themselves? In this first episode of a two-part conversation, Paul describes three crucial factors that leaders must model if we are to ensure a thriving youth ministry. There is so much wisdom here, so grab a coffee and a notepad, and get ready to start building a healthy culture where you are. Tim introduces the show by talking about seven regional training events for youth and children's ministry teams. For more about LIMITLESS OXYGEN visit limitlesselim.co.uk/oxygen

How do you establish an effective schools ministry?

Tim Alford and Jamie Price • August 1, 2019 • Jamie Price

How do you build a relationship with your local school? How can you serve them when you're there? How do you deliver effective assemblies, RE lessons and mentoring sessions? Jamie and Tim discuss all this and more in a vital conversation for everyone in youth ministry.

Pioneering and Sustaining New Youth Ministries

Tim Alford and Jamie Price • July 4, 2019 • Jamie Price

Tim sits down with Jamie Price, the leader of the Limitless Pioneers initiative, to discuss what it takes to start a new youth ministry from scratch. This episode also contains some fantastic principals for reaching out to young people in your community, so regardless of whether you're starting from zero, or looking to engage with more young people who don't know Jesus yet, then this discussion is well worth listening in on.

Working with fostered and adopted young people

Tim Alford and Andy Hancock • May 10, 2019 • Andy Hancock

In this episode, Tim talks with returning guest Andy Hancock on fostered and adopted young people.

Working with parents

Tim and Faye Harris • April 11, 2019 • Faye Harris

Tim is joined by Faye Harris as they talk about working with parents.

Who are Generation Z and how Do We Reach Them - Part 2

Tim talks with Ollie Ward • March 21, 2019 • Ollie Ward

Ollie and Tim continue their discussion about who is Generation Z and how youth workers can reach them.

Who are Generation Z & how do we reach them?

Tim talks with Ollie Ward • January 31, 2019 • Ollie Ward

Ollie Ward and Tim Alford talk about who are Generation Z and how youth workers can reach them.

Practical Theology and Reflective Practice in Youth Ministry

Tim Alford chats with Ollie Ward • December 31, 2018 • Ollie Ward

In this episode, Tim is joined by Ollie Ward who is the Youth track Lecturer in Regents Theological College. They talk about Practical Theology and Reflective Practice in Youth Ministry. Prepare to take notes!

Persecuted Church

Tim Alford chats with Pete Hopper • November 9, 2018 • Pete Hopper

In this edition of the Limitless Leadership Podcast, Tim chats with Pete Hopper. Pete trained as a youth worker and he now works for Open Doors the persecuted Church organisation. Tim and Pete talk all things persecuted church and how young people can engage with the persecuted church.


Dustin talks to Daniel and Tim • October 5, 2018 • Daniel Shillingford and Tim Cooling

With racial tension ever getting thicker in our society, the Church should be showing society a different take on ethnic diversity. Daniel Shillingford and Tim Cooling join us to talk about Diversity, Shared Leadership & Cultural Awareness among other things. Daniel Shillingford is the Youth Pastor at City Gates Illford (London) and Tim Cooling is the Executive Pastor at Elim Christian Centre Barking (London)

Risk and failure

Tim talks with Craig Brotherston • September 14, 2018 • Craig Brotherston

In this episode Dustin is absent but Tim keeps it moving with our guest Craig Brotherston. Tim and Craig unpack the topics of Risk and Failure. This is an incredible episode. Prepared to be encouraged yet challenged. Craig is based in Ireland and involved in pioneering work there. He also works part-time for Limitless on the 'Pioneers' project developing youth work in different parts of the UK.