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The Z to A of Spirituality - Part 1

Tim Alford with Laura Hancock • August 25, 2020 • Laura Hancock

Laura Hancock unpicks the recently published from Youth for Christ, The Z to A of Spirituality. It's a fascinating conversation that stimulates all kinds of relevant questions for our youth ministries, including: What is the impact of spiritual experience in the lives of young people? Why do more young people believe in ghosts than God? Have we lost our spiritual awareness? How do youth workers facilitate a healthy spiritual experience with young people? How do we create youth ministries that are unashamedly spiritual without being weird? Why do so many young people have a negative view of church? Do young people believe Jesus was a real person? And just how important is it to equip young people with the tools to share Jesus? And that's just Part 1! Enjoy the conversation.

The mental wellbeing of young people

July 28, 2020 • Joel Harris

Joel Harris returns to the podcast to talk through six key elements relating to the mental wellbeing of young people. These are honesty, depression, anxiety, perfectionism, shame and anger. Joel offers some really helpful analogies that will help us in our pastoral support of young people, as well as discussing the beauty in our brokenness, the power of your own story, and the importance of vulnerability. And if you don't know what a stress bucket is, then this is your moment!

Social Media and Youth Ministry

June 25, 2020 • Joel Harris

Joel Harris spent most of his teenage years growing an online following through YouTube and Instagram, becoming a social media influencer and travelling the country presenting shows. Despite such success, he struggled with his identity and the subtle trap of seeking worth through likes and followers. In this episode of the Limitless Leadership Podcast, Joel discusses his personal story, explaining how social media has impacted him and how he has learned to manage it. He has some great advice for youth leaders as to how we can utilise social media in youth ministry, and how we can disciple young people in a digital age.

How can we respond to racial injustice?

June 2, 2020 • Roger Rowland

Jonathan Rowland is a Youth Pastor in Enfield and former officer with the Metropolitan Police. Jonathan tells his story of how racism has impacted him personally and share some great wisdom for how youth leaders can respond to racial injustice. Because this is such an important issue this chat is a long one, but it’s well worth listening through to the end as Jonathan shares with wisdom, grace and conviction. We hope and pray this conversation inspires you to do what you can where you are to bring an end to racial injustice. From every nation, tribe and tongue - we are all one in Christ!

Leadership Blindspots - Part 3

April 28, 2020 • Tim Alford and Ollie Ward

In this final episode of a three-part series, Tim Alford reveals three more leadership blindspots; things that may be limiting our leadership potential though we are unaware of their presence. Tim and Ollie discuss the impact of straying out of your lane, aiming for nothing, and ideas without execution. This is a conversation for those who want to take a deep dive into their leadership and reflect on their practice from a different perspective.

Youth Ministry and the Coronavirus

Tim Alford and Martin Saunders • March 27, 2020 • Martin Saunders

How do we do youth ministry when we can't meet? The times they are a changing! We're learning youth ministry in a totally new paradigm with the outbreak of the coronavirus, so how do we do youth ministry when we can't meet? Martin Saunders, the Deputy CEO at YouthScape and all-round youth ministry legend, shares his insight on a compelling episode of the Limitless Leadership Podcast. There are some really helpful tip for us here. In this episode we discuss… Innovative approaches to remote youth ministry. Useful resources and technologies. Safeguarding implications of youth online. We hope this helps you to continue to serve young people where you are. Together we can find a way.

Leadership Blindspots - Part 2

Tim Alford and Ollie Ward • March 5, 2020 • Tim Alford

Tim and Ollie continue the conversation about leadership blindspots, revealing some common traps that we fall for in youth ministry. This month the discussion turns to the impact of perfectionism on those we lead. We reflect on one of the most common leadership blindspots for youth workers - the failure to lead up. And we explore what happens when we lose our focus on the most important things and spread ourselves to thin. This is a conversation that will cause you to reflect on your leadership from a different perspective.

Leadership Blindspots - Part 1

Tim Alford and Ollie Ward • February 6, 2020 • Tim Alford

Are there some areas in your leadership that you may not be aware of but could be holding you back? In this first episode of a three part series, Tim Alford sits down with Ollie Ward to shine a light on some leadership blindspots; things we may not yet be aware of, but could cause a leadership crash if we fail identify and address them. This is a conversation that will cause you to reflect on your leadership from a different perspective.

How to lead a volunteer team

Joel Preston and Tim Alford • January 5, 2020 • Joel Preston

Whether you are a paid employee, or a volunteer yourself, leading volunteer teams is a BIG deal in youth ministry. We've all experienced difficult team members who have caused negativity to spread through our teams. We've experienced the frustration of inconsistent attendance. We've all felt the stress caused by not having enough team members. But we've also experienced the joy of leading a fully-fired up kingdom dream team! In this episode, Joel Preston and Tim Alford discuss what it takes to lead the most fruitful and fun teams possible, and how to deal with the challenges when they arise.

Effective Preaching in a Youth Context - Part 2

Tim Alford and Ali Martin • December 5, 2019 • Ali Martin

In part two of their insightful conversation, Tim Alford chats with Soul Survivor's Ali Martin about effective preaching in a youth context. In the last episode Ali explained her process of preparation, this time she drills down into the delivery of a message. Ali reveals some common pitfalls that we must avoid, as well as some principles of best practice that will enable us all to become better communicators. FOR LEADERSHIP 101 VIDEO SERIES: youtube.com/limitlesselim FOR LOUD AND CLEAR SERIES: soulsurvivor.com/loudandclear

Effective Preaching in a Youth Setting - Part 1

Tim Alford interviews Ali Martin - Soul Survivor • November 7, 2019 • Ali Martin

How do you preach effectively to young people? Soul Survivor's Ali Martin joins us to discuss just that! This is an insightful look into Ali's process of preparation. She talks about resources, prayer, illustrations and reveals how she sets about structuring a talk. This pod is full of practical tips and incredible wisdom. Enjoy!

Hallmarks of a Healthy Culture - Part 2

Paul Friend and Tim Alford • October 14, 2019 • Paul Friend

Listen to Tim and Paul Friend, Director of South West Youth Ministries (SWYM), for the second part of their conversation about creating a healthy culture in our youth ministries. In this episode, Tim and Paul discuss the importance of prayer, reconciliation, accountability, serving and identifying blindspots as keys to cultivating a healthy culture. This is a rich and varied conversation that is sure to get you reflecting on your youth ministry.

Hallmarks of a Healthy Culture - Part 1

Paul Friend and Tim Alford • September 5, 2019 • Paul Friend

Tim sits down with Paul Friend, director of South West Youth Ministries (SWYM), for a chat about how to develop a healthy culture in our youth ministries. What is culture? How do we build and maintain a healthy culture where young people and teams flourish? And what is required of the leader themselves? In this first episode of a two-part conversation, Paul describes three crucial factors that leaders must model if we are to ensure a thriving youth ministry. There is so much wisdom here, so grab a coffee and a notepad, and get ready to start building a healthy culture where you are. Tim introduces the show by talking about seven regional training events for youth and children's ministry teams. For more about LIMITLESS OXYGEN visit limitlesselim.co.uk/oxygen

How do you establish an effective schools ministry?

Tim Alford and Jamie Price • August 1, 2019 • Jamie Price

How do you build a relationship with your local school? How can you serve them when you're there? How do you deliver effective assemblies, RE lessons and mentoring sessions? Jamie and Tim discuss all this and more in a vital conversation for everyone in youth ministry.

Pioneering and Sustaining New Youth Ministries

Tim Alford and Jamie Price • July 4, 2019 • Jamie Price

Tim sits down with Jamie Price, the leader of the Limitless Pioneers initiative, to discuss what it takes to start a new youth ministry from scratch. This episode also contains some fantastic principals for reaching out to young people in your community, so regardless of whether you're starting from zero, or looking to engage with more young people who don't know Jesus yet, then this discussion is well worth listening in on.