Expect Breakthrough Seminar with James Aladiran

Elim Leaders Summit 2016

May 17, 2016 • James Aladiran

Prayer is such a wide subject with different dimensions and expressions. However, in order for us to see real change in our families, churches, communities, cities and nation, not only do we have to break through in prayer, but we have to learn to sustain the breakthrough we gain through prayer. James leads Prayer Storm a movement of worship, prayer and fasting crying out to God for a great awakening in our nation. James also worked at the Message Trust coordinating the Prayer Strategy for 7 years. James is married to Rebecca who leads worship at the Prayer Storm gatherings and together they have a son.

Imagine the future

May 19, 2016 • Chris Cartwright

Chris Cartwright inspires us to imagine the future of Elim. At the end of the recording, you will also hear people share testimonies of healing at the leaders summit.

Expect Opportunity Seminar

Elim Leaders Summit 2016 • May 19, 2016 • Darren and Jackie Johnson

What is the link between who God is, who we are and what we do? How do we create an environment where followers of Jesus truly feel like a family who are on mission together? How do we decide where to deploy resources in pioneer ideas? Join Darren and Jacky as they seek to address these questions in order to equip you to expect opportunity in the places that you serve God. Darren and Jacky have been married for 27 years and they have two adult children. They lead King’s Church in Warrington, a church which they along with a small group of others, planted in 2002.

Celebration with James Glass

Guardians of expectation • May 19, 2016 • James Glass

James has been the pastor of Glasgow Elim Church for six years. He is married to Beryl. They have three children - Jonathan, Alice and Niall. Originally from Ireland, James served as assistant then associate pastor in what is now All Nations Christian Centre, the Elim Church in Reading. Prior to moving to Scotland, James led the Elim Church in Crawley for almost twelve years.