Young people with additional needs

Tim Alford speaks with Sarah Holmes

October 6, 2017 • Sarah Holmes

In this episode, Tim Alford speaks with Sarah Holmes about working with young people with additional needs. Sarah has worked for the past 20 years in the health & social care sector managing and developing support services for children, young people and adults with a range of additional needs including Learning Disability, Autism, Emotional & Behavioural Difficulties, Physical Disability and Mental Health needs. Sarah has also worked with a range of UK Christian organisations over the past ten years to support events and develop training and support for including children and young people with additional needs. Sarah is a member of Lifecentral Church in Halesowen and is Additional Needs co-ordinator for their Next Generation team.

Persecuted Church

Tim Alford chats with Pete Hopper • November 9, 2018 • Pete Hopper

In this edition of the Limitless Leadership Podcast, Tim chats with Pete Hopper. Pete trained as a youth worker and he now works for Open Doors the persecuted Church organisation. Tim and Pete talk all things persecuted church and how young people can engage with the persecuted church.


Dustin talks to Daniel and Tim • October 5, 2018 • Daniel Shillingford and Tim Cooling

With racial tension ever getting thicker in our society, the Church should be showing society a different take on ethnic diversity. Daniel Shillingford and Tim Cooling join us to talk about Diversity, Shared Leadership & Cultural Awareness among other things. Daniel Shillingford is the Youth Pastor at City Gates Illford (London) and Tim Cooling is the Executive Pastor at Elim Christian Centre Barking (London)

Risk and failure

Tim talks with Craig Brotherston • September 14, 2018 • Craig Brotherston

In this episode Dustin is absent but Tim keeps it moving with our guest Craig Brotherston. Tim and Craig unpack the topics of Risk and Failure. This is an incredible episode. Prepared to be encouraged yet challenged. Craig is based in Ireland and involved in pioneering work there. He also works part-time for Limitless on the 'Pioneers' project developing youth work in different parts of the UK.