Fixer Upper

August 16, 2020 • Pastor Thomas-Steele • 1 Samuel 21:10-22:2; Psalm 142

Life is filled with many ups and downs; highs and lows. Perhaps no one in Scripture exemplifies this better than David. That's right, the giant-slaying shepherd boy. As we read the narrative of his life in Scripture, we see remarkable highs and regrettable lows, but perhaps none was as dramatic as the descent he experienced after he defeated Goliath. He went from celebrated to isolated, and because of King Saul's jealousy, David went from living in the palace with his wife, to living in a cave...alone. Yet, as we look closer, we see God using this time of isolation to produce a transformation in David. And just maybe, God can use our time in lonely places to do the same in us as well.

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In or Out

September 20, 2020 • Pastor Thomas-Steele

We've all experienced the loneliness that can come from being in a place or around a group of people we don't quite fit in with. But sometimes the reason we don't fit in, could be because God is calling us to lead out.

Hideout Hero

September 13, 2020 • Pastor Thomas-Steele

There are times in our lives where our lonely place is actually a hiding place. In other words, we're in that place because we've chosen to be, because we've chosen to hide from something God has called us to help with. But God in His grace, will actually come to us in our hiding place, call us to be courageous, and then tells us one astounding truth that gives us all the courage we need to stop hiding and start helping.

Alone pt.5 - With the Wild Beasts

September 6, 2020 • Pastor Thomas-Steele

The Apostle Peter tells us, "Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour" (1 Peter 5:8). Well, being alone makes us even more vulnerable to his attacks and temptations. But this week, we're going to learn from a time where Jesus was tested and tempted by the devil, and we're going to see that Jesus shows us our foundation for fighting temptations, and that in this, we're never really alone in the fight.