Signs That Are Significant

A Study On The Olivet Discourse

We Can’t Know What We Can’t Know!

August 9, 2020 • Steven W. McAbee

Many find it difficult to study the “signs of the times.” Are we living in the last days of earth’s history? How would we know? Can we know? Is it for us to know? In this series we will learn that while we watch and wait, we are also to be ready to work!

A Significant Introduction

August 12, 2020 • Steven W. McAbee

This chapter reminds us of a very important truth that we need to make sure remains as a foundational understanding of everything else we will study: We can't know what we can't know.

Second Coming Signs {Part A}

August 16, 2020 • Steven W. McAbee

The Bible, and the New Testament, in particular, are filled with signs for the second coming. In this passage Jesus outlines the sign {s} of his return. The greatest sign might just surprise you.

Prophecy Brings Peace

September 2, 2020 • Steven W. McAbee

Pauls writes to a young church seeking to inform them, because they have misunderstood or have been mislead after he departed. His words were meant to bring them comfort concerning death, and the return of Christ! What we learn is simple: biblical prophecy brings a great peace into our lives.

Significant Signs {Part B}

September 6, 2020 • Steven W. McAbee

The Bible, and the New Testament, in particular, are filled with signs for the second coming. The signs are present in our lifetime and we should expect to see a greater and greater shadow of their effects. In today's study, Pastor Steven will discuss the second coming signs as given to the disciples by Jesus.

The Harmony of John & Jesus

September 9, 2020 • Steven W. McAbee

What we find as students of the Bible is a beautiful harmony between the scriptures. Today, Pastor Steven will outline a wonderful unity between Matthew 24 and Revelation.

Tribulation Trouble

September 13, 2020 • Steven W. McAbee

Today Pastor Steven teaches us a real rarity: The world we live in is not getting better. Quite the opposite is true: The world is more scary, more dangerous, and more hopeless. Therefore we must be aware, and watching and waiting, but we must also be working.

The Spirit of the AntiChrist

September 16, 2020 • Steven W. McAbee

What if i told you the antichrist is here? But it might not be what you think, Understanding the anti-christ means we will understand the spirit of the antichrist. Today, Pastor Steven talks about the growing evil in our world.

The Future Tribulation

September 20, 2020 • Steven W. McAbee

Today as we study the Tribulation, Jesus gives a view of future history and John gives us great detail. These are certainly days of trembling for those who will endure.

Protected Preachers

September 27, 2020 • Steven W. McAbee

Who are the 144,000? Will I be one of them? Can I be one of them? Is it possible for me to work my way into being one of them? Will the gospel be preached in the tribulation? Will people be saved during the tribulation? These questions and more Pastor Steven tries to answer in todays teaching.

The Restrainer

September 30, 2020 • Steven W. McAbee

Today, Pastor Steven teaches about the restrainer. We will look at Paul's words in Thesssalonians regarding the one who is holding back the anti-christ.

The Worst Day Ever

October 11, 2020 • Steven W. McAbee

A day is coming that is worse than any day the world has ever seen. It is the worst day on earth. Israel will be forced to worship a pagan God. Daniel prophesied about a day, Jesus pointed back to a day only to point forward to the day when the Antiichrist would set himself up as God. He warned us all to be ready.

The Hidden Temple

October 14, 2020 • Steven W. McAbee

When will the third temple be built? This is a video Pastor Steven found and it explains that maybe the third temple has already been built.

A Time Of Trembling Part A

October 18, 2020 • Steven W. McAbee

The Tribulation period will be a time of great uncertainty, when the Antichrist will claim to bring peace to the world and will deceive nearly everyone into worshipping himself. Today, Pastor Steven explains in detail the future Great Tribulation.

A Time of Trembling Part B

October 21, 2020 • Steven W. McAbee

Today Pastor Steven overviews the weeks of Daniel 9