God's Love Transforms

Special Speaker: Fernando Medina

July 1, 2018

We're pleased to have our friend: Fernando Medina preaching tonight. Join us as he shares how God transformed his life and how God's love is still in the business of transforming people today. We're to seek God above all and watch as His love, care and mercy goes to work within us, helping us overcome our past, push past worry and live with a changed heart.

Worship Night

July 29, 2018 • Lyle Thompson

Every so often we gather for a night of worship. We lift up praise for all God has done and will do. We honor Him and seek Him out through song and prayer. Welcome. Settle your mind, prepare your heart and lean with us to the grace of Jesus.

Ever-Expanding Impact

July 22, 2018 • Pastor Jack Schull

If you've ever skipped stones across a lake, you've seen what they call the 'ripple effect'. Friends, as God’s people and as The Church – we’re to have a ‘ripple effect’ = an ever-expanding reach of impact and influence for Jesus. Jesus said His Father is always working (see John 5:16-18) …and that He is always at work as well. We get to join in that work, to partner with God in His activity. God is still active friends. (he’s not distant, distracted, or dormant). He is active in an ever-expanding scope of work…within us, through our reach, within our city, all around our world.

Kingdom Identity

July 15, 2018 • Matthew Warnstedt

We live surrounded by voices speaking over us, around us and into us and seeking to shape our identity. We live in the tension of basing our identity off what the 'world' says we are or off what God says about us - leaning on our 'kingdom identity' in who and what God says we are. The truth for us to grab ahold of: you are not defined by who or what the world says you are, but by who and what God the Father says you are!