Faith on the GO

Matthew 28:18-20 • October 21, 2018 • Pastor Jack Schull

We're to live on the GO for Jesus. Some of his final words recorded in the gospel of Matthew are to be are first priority! If we’re to live out the Great Commission of Jesus (Matt 28), we must do so with Great Commandment love (Matt 22). We must live it out through our actions AND we must speak about Jesus as we have opportunity. We examined 3 key opportunities available to us as we seek to leverage our lives for Jesus as His disciple.

Psalm 145

July 28, 2019 • Pastor Jack Schull

We have a phrase we use: 'sing the praises' - referring to when we talk up or share about something or someone that means a lot to us. Psalm 145 is chalked full of insights, understandings and instruction all about praise for God. King David is talking up God, practicing his praise to the Lord and pushing us to follow his pattern - to make praise a normal and natural part of our lives. It's helping us learn how to PAUSE to PRAISE and to grow our relationship with God.

A Participating Faith

Matthew 25:14-30 • October 14, 2018 • Pastor Jack Schull

Sometimes we are content to be spectators, but being a disciple is NOT for spectators. Christ wants us to jump in with both feet and eagerly participate in his kingdom building. The parable of the talents challenges us to wrestle with the question: 'what are we doing with what's been entrusted to us?' To whom something is given—regardless how great or small —something is required. We've been enfolded into a faith that calls for our participation as we follow after Jesus.

For God So Loved

John 3:1-21 • March 29, 2020 • Pastor Jack Schull

We get to eavesdrop in on a one-on-one conversation with Nicodemus and Jesus - as he is curious and leaning into this movement of Jesus to learn more. Jesus' actions spoke loudly, but now we get to see how His words bring clarity. We experience the backdrop to one of the simplest and most profound verses describing God's heart in all the Scriptures. Lean in with us, let it refresh your soul and fuel your ability to share the hope of Jesus.

Psalm 37

July 21, 2019 • Kimberley Lee

Worry and envy is the opposite of faith! In Psalm 37 1-8, God gives us action steps to put a stop to these feelings so we can live a life of faith and trust, otherwise we can be robbed of our joy, promises, and peace.

Love Matters

Matthew 22:35-40 • October 7, 2018 • Pastor Bryan Lee

Being His disciple means we live out loving God and loving others.

Psalm 103

July 14, 2019 • Pastor Jack Schull

This Psalm is David writing himself a 'spiritual sticky note' - if you will. A reminder of all He's been given in having life with God. David is challenging himself and US – don’t let your hearts become ungrateful or drift from living with a thankful heart! Grow your gratitude by never losing sight of God's benefits. More gratitude will not come from more acquisitions, but from more awareness of God's presence with you and God's goodness to you. His blessings and benefits!

Worship Night

July 29, 2018 • Lyle Thompson

Every so often we gather for a night of worship. We lift up praise for all God has done and will do. We honor Him and seek Him out through song and prayer. Welcome. Settle your mind, prepare your heart and lean with us to the grace of Jesus.

At His Feet

John 12:1-11 • March 22, 2020 • Pastor Jack Schull

Tonight we see an encounter with Jesus, where a worship moment breaks out at a dinner party. There is boldness and an intimacy in this action from Mary that must have shocked the guests reclining at the table. Some think it's a waste, but Jesus relishes it. Mary's posture of praise invites us to take our worries and exchange it for worship in the presence of our mighty Savior. Jesus is worth our utmost devotion, not simply some attention from time to time.

A Forgiving Faith

Matthew 18:21-35 • September 30, 2018 • Pastor Jack Schull

Tonight we examine a conversation that Jesus has with Peter around one of the toughest challenges we will wade through as one following after Jesus. Forgiveness as a habit and mark of a disciple is tough when we live in a culture that likes to keep score. So we look at what forgiveness is, what it is not. We lean into the heart Jesus wants to form within us. Ultimately: forgiven people, forgive people. *also hear a testimony from Sheila in her journey of forgiveness.

The Moment

what will you do? Genesis 37-50 & Romans 12:17-21 • November 10, 2019 • Pastor Jack Schull

As we wrap up this series I want us to explore one of the greatest stories of the Bible from a 10,000 foot view. It's Joseph's story in Genesis. We'll see some application for us about our words and their power! What Joseph couldn’t have known, was that God’s plan for the ages was hanging by a thread of his words in this moment of reunion with his brothers. He had every right to 'lower the boom' with his words, but instead he rescued and raised up a legacy of love with them. If our words are stones, we can choose to THROW them or USE them to pave a path forward. Let's choose to speak words that make souls stronger.

Ever-Expanding Impact

July 22, 2018 • Pastor Jack Schull

If you've ever skipped stones across a lake, you've seen what they call the 'ripple effect'. Friends, as God’s people and as The Church – we’re to have a ‘ripple effect’ = an ever-expanding reach of impact and influence for Jesus. Jesus said His Father is always working (see John 5:16-18) …and that He is always at work as well. We get to join in that work, to partner with God in His activity. God is still active friends. (he’s not distant, distracted, or dormant). He is active in an ever-expanding scope of work…within us, through our reach, within our city, all around our world.

Motivated to Serve

Matthew 18:1-5 • September 23, 2018 • Pastor Jack Schull

We live in a world that likes to define greatness in a way that is contrary to how Jesus defines it. We look into the conversation (Matthew 18) he has with his early followers redefining what greatness truly is - as he sought to move their hearts toward a motivation to serve others. We’re called to live life with the mindset of Christ, with humility and an “it’s not all about me” type of attitude and approach as a disciple.

The Good Shepherd

John 10:1-18 (entire service) • March 15, 2020 • Pastor Jack Schull

As we continue our look in the gospel of John, we see Jesus step forward into a role and a title that was reserved for God himself. Jesus is stating his deity again by proclaiming that he is The Good Shepherd. Friends: we are invited to KNOW the Good Shepherd as the leader of our everyday life today, not just for our eternal life someday. Jesus knows you and is here to lead you in our here and now. You’re safe when you’re close to the Shepherd.

Ongoing Change

May 20, 2018 • Pastor Jack Schull

Tonight, we attempt a 'mash-up' reminder of all we've looked at in this Changed series. The reality that those who have said 'yes' to Jesus have undergone a divine change of God and are invited into an ongoing changing work of Jesus as we follow Him. Where might God be directing you in some next steps of change he's wanting to do within your life? Lean in. Listen for his lead. Step out in partnering with him in that adventure. *Pastor Bryan leads us through a time of prayer & reflection.

Choose This Day

Joshua ch. 23 & 24 • November 19, 2017 • Pastor Jack Schull

As we wrap up our series in the Old Testament book of Joshua, we're going to see in the last chapters, Joshua's last challenge. He's going to challenge them (and us) that our spiritual fervor and commitment is ultimately our choice to make. We decide – one way or another. In the plethora of 'things' seeking our allegiance and devotion - God is asking us to choose Him. He chose us and now he asks us to choose him. Jesus desires and deserves absolute love, not optional love. We must choose – this day and the next day, and the next day...(repeat)

Psalm 119

July 7, 2019 • Lyle Thompson

Psalm 119 is wisdom psalm and the longest chapter in the Bible. It has one main theme - to celebrate God's Word and inspire full obedience to it. We're to be people seeking to know God better and walk in His ways as we experience Him in the Scriptures.

Emotion Pictures: LOVE

July 23, 2017 • Pastor Jack Schull

As we wrap up our series, we wanted to take some time to dive into the emotion of love. In a world that struggles to define it or demonstrate it well - the biblical call toward LOVE is something so much more than a manufactured or maintained 'feeling'. Jesus reiterates that the measure of spiritual maturity: is love. Agape love is what the Scriptures point toward. The deepest desire of the human heart - is for a love that will last. God's AGAPE love is an unchanging love - in the midst of a changing world. It's the love He has for you. It's the love He wants to grow within you.


Esther ch. 8-10 • April 14, 2019 • Pastor Jack Schull

As we wrap up this series in Esther, we see the story doesn't end with a battle, but a celebration. The Festival of Purim is inaugurated to help the people REMEMBER. It reminds us that no matter how dark things get, there is reason to hope. On an even more personal level, Purim is a call to a reawakening of faith and remembering of how God intervenes for us. Jesus established the Lord's Supper as an act of remembrance to tether us to our faith in Him. An act that Christ followers all over the world have done for 2,000+ years in order to REMEMBER.

Getting Relationally Right

Joshua ch. 7 • November 12, 2017 • Pastor Jack Schull

Tonight's story is one of failure. We all have 'em. It's ultimately about our biggest challenge and one we couldn't overcome on our own. It introduces us to a rhythm we need in our lives as we face our own sins, failures and mistakes. We don't minimize sin, but we do MAXIMIZE JESUS. It's only there that we are fueled by gratitude and can move forward, and not be haunted by guilt and held back. Repentance moves us to worship our great and graceful God. A regular rhythm of repentance keeps us relational right with God.

Compassion Acts

parable of the good samaritan • June 4, 2017 • Kimberley Lee

Pity notices, but compassion acts. We will never meet the BEST VERSION of ourselves inside our comfort zones. God can use chaos to mold and shape us. God moves towards us and He wants us to move towards the mess. Luke 10:25-37